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  1. Because the feds have sold those wireless frequencies to the mobile makers to expand on WiFi coverage? If I am correct its all in the 600MHz band that the older wireless mics and guitar senders lived in.
  2. Probably because we do not have the VAT.
  3. rguerra


    Extremely sorry to hear this. He was such an authentic guy. Condolences to his family.
  4. Nothing like providing the best possible tone...I always liked the echo on an American Standard crapper!
  5. One of my favorite guitars! Beautiful top on her!
  6. I learned to swim at age 6. Went through the Red Cross program progressing through Advanced Swimmer by age 10. Junior Lifesaving at 13 and Senior Lifesaving at 14 but couldn't actively get certified until I was 16. My dad was from Cuba and he never did learn to swim! My mom was a swimmer and forced the issue and I'm glad.
  7. They were essentially a visual rock band. Very dynamic in a live performance. And some of their covers were interesting. I have to confess I was in a band that did a lot of stuff like this in 1967-1969. It was a lot of fun!
  8. Current Model I believe it's called the "Les Paul Tribute Plus" off the Epiphone.com website PRODUCT FEATURES Vintage deep-set glued in neck Carved hard maple top Gibson USA ’57 Classic™ humbuckers Push/pull series parallel switching SPECIFICATIONS Body Material mahogany Top Material Carved Hard maple Neck mahogany Neck Options 1960s SlimTaper™ Neck Joint Vintage “Deep Set” glued-in Dimensions 24.75” scale Nut width 1.68” Fingerboard rosewood with pearloid trapezoid inlays with 22 medium jumbo frets Fingerboard radius 12” Pickups Gibson USA ’57 Classic Humbucker 4-wire (neck) and Gibson USA ’57 Classic Plus Humbucker, 4-wire (bridge) Controls Switchcraft 3-way pickup selector, Neck Pickup Volume, Bridge Pickup Volume, Neck Pickup Tone (push/pull/series parallel), Bridge Pickup Tone (push/pull/series parallel) Binding Fingerboard 1 ply, cream Bridge Locktone Tune-o-matic™/Stopbar Hardware Nickel Machine Heads Grover® Locking Rotomatic 106 Series 18:1 Tuners Typical Weight (+/- 5%) 8.4 lbs Strings D’Addario® 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46
  9. 1. No the fit and finish on this guitar is usually very good. And it is consistent from sample to sample since they are not "hand made." A guitar that has dried out in shipping will sometimes have fret ends that stick out because the fretboard has shrunk, but humidification back to about 50% should cure it. As far as the electrical issues, I would be very suspicious. The Tribute has U.S.A. Gibson pickups and CTS potentiometers and should not be having those volume issues. Crooked wobbly knobs make me think counterfeit. There have been cases of this even with less expensive models. 2. I have one Chinese Epiphone Dot and a Korean Les Paul Standard. A friend has the Joe Bonamassa signature mnodel. None of these issues are "normal", and yes they may feel there is a market for counterfeits in your neighborhood. 3. You are not being picky. These conditions aren't normal for an Epiphone product. Keep hunting, the Tribute is a great guitar.
  10. Windows 10 (for me) was an improvement over what I had on my studio desktop...Win 8. I despised Windows 8 with a true burning hatred. Unfortunately Windows 7 was not an option at the time. The only issue I've had with Windows 10 was an issue with a new video card that kept updating drivers automatically and everytime causing an operating system freeze. Finally was able to disable the automatic update feature in the video card and things are smooth again. Anyway, migrating to Mac bit by bit. Next major move is to transfer ProTools over to the Mac. Then all my important stuff is off Microsoft.
  11. But sometimes at night, when the cold wind moans, in a long black veil, she cries over my bones...
  12. Besides the pop image, the guy was a stellar guitarist. For years you never knew it if you just listened to recordings. Live, the guy was a revelation. His guitar chops were impeccable. Very sorry to hear of his death.
  13. rguerra


    The last tube amp I gigged out regularly was my Fender Bandmaster. An absolute bear to cart around. 40W was deafening so I never got to the point where the tubes really sang. And I still wasn't playing anything but clean. So back around 2000 I switched to a Fender Stage100/160, possibly the best solid state amp I ever had. Great Fender cleans, good gain channels, good reverb, okay digital effects. One of the best amps I ever owned, period. I sold it to our other guitarist at church so I still get to see and hear her every Sunday. Still a great amplifier. Now I play mostly acoustic out of a Marshall AS50D and when I play electric,its my new little Marshall DSL15C, which is a tube amp, but light to lug around and well matched to my LPs. Wear the Champion 100 in good health!!
  14. Just about any plastic/rubber will damage a nitrocellulose finish if left in contact. It's not just a Gibson thing. Or for that matter a Super Snark thing! I use the Super Snark on my Gibson LPs, SG, and J-35, but I don't leave it attached. I tune and remove it. The Super Snark is super easy to see in low light situations thanks to the broader areas that light up to indicate how far away you are from your center tuning frequency.
  15. Very nice J-35. As you see from my signature I have one also. It is the first Gibson acoustic that I fell in love with. Mine came strung with Gibson Ultra Lights (0.011" - 0.052") and I've kept it that way. The action and intonation is perfect. It is also a loud acoustic. When I play at church I've had multiple people come up and say, "What is that guitar? It sounds awesome!" Even in a full band setting it stands out when played through my Marshal ASD-50. It is very articulate and balanced across the strings. One of the most "open" sounding acoustics out there. Have fun with yours!
  16. Check out the Sweetwater demo on YouTube. It has a pretty unique sound and some interesting pickups. It is a true semi-hollow with a mahogany block, laminated top, back and sides. Interesting guitar and a bit pricy!
  17. I wouldn't say a Dealer Exclusive is "inferior" in any way. Case in point, my Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe 60's was a Guitar Center Exclusive in 2010. It has a thin 60's neck profile, neck pickup is a 490R, bridge pickup is a Burstbucker Pro, coil tap on both pickups, Grover tuners. This is a superb instrument. Fit and finish were flawless when new and have held up well. It really is a very flexible guitar tone wise.
  18. 2016 Traditional T, Honeyburst, Burstbucker 2 neck, Burstbucker 3 bridge, speed knobs with pointers.
  19. I think the 2016 Honeyburst Traditional T's are some of the most beautiful Les Pauls out there! Yours is stunning!
  20. Hi all! Here is a photo of my new baby. It is a 2016 LP Traditional with a few custom touches. First I left off the pickguard. No big thing there, just two tiny holes where the screws were. Cosmetically also used speed knobs with pointers. The real change is the pickups. Instead of the Classic 57/Classic 57+ arrangement I use a Burstbucker #2 in the neck position and a Burstbucker #3 in the bridge position. I love the 57’s but I wanted something a little more aggressive. I’ve got other guitars with the Classic ‘57s. This guitar probably is the most responsive to volume and tone settings of any guitar I have. Goes smoothly from crystal clean jazz to snarling blues tones. She sings and screams. The hand wiring is standard modern style rather than 50’s wiring. CTS 500k long shaft pots with orange drop caps. No ground plate. Grounds are point wired to the potentiometer cases.
  21. WE had a dentist here in town by the name of Dr. Pulley.
  22. Sorry to hear that. She was a fabulous trumpet player and had great vocal chops too. In many ways she was the fire under that band.
  23. I'm in love with my J-35 as well. Check my signature, I've been a Martin D-18 owner and love it. But the J-35 is such a joy to play. It has a character all its own.
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