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  1. Thanks Tim, I thought that may be the case BobB, she certainly is a beauty. She lights up like the night sky under light so I call her Stellar
  2. Just picked up this sparkly beauty from my Gibson dealer, an NOS Custom Shop LP STandard. Awesome guitar tonewise, feels great to play and a great looker. I think it's a 2009 build, not sure how the CS serials work. Mine is CS91264. The warranty card has everything written on it but the date!!! A tough one to photograph well. The last shot is blurry but I included it as it shows up the colors really well in the sparkle.
  3. No problem at all, I got one of the very first 137's (a Blueburst Classic) back in 2002 and yes, the switch has the tilt you describe. All good, enjoy your 137
  4. Thanks Larry, no my redtop R6 is perfect and will stay as is, although I'm looking for somewhere I can get a new bracket for teh pickguard as it's mounted a bit high for my liking and I don't want to drill new holes, but that's another sissue altogether. No, the idea is to get another R6 and put mini HB's in it. My understanding is similar to yours but I'd like to know for sure from experience before investing in the project. Thanks Again
  5. Just wondering how much work is needed to put mini HB's into an R6? Is this is a big job?, any info appreciated Thanks Martin
  6. Hey Fred Depends on your definition of limited. They're building 2300 "standard" limited edition units and 100 Collectors editions with some extra candy, Slash will sign the amp itself and it will have a Flight Case. All come with Certificates of Authenticity, AFD100 Club Owners Shirts and assorted candy!!! It's not just power scaling, it's the auto biasing feature which allows for the use of any octal based tube including classic Fender tubes, this from the official Marshall blog: "most with octal socket: EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, 6L6, 5881, 6550, 7027, etc 6V6 are not recommended although they could be used if the power control is kept below 3pm or so." I can see recording studios liking these as they can be easily setup for a huge variety of tones without the need for dangerous electrical work of rebiasing the amp for tubes, a whole range of power settins etc. This certainly is not just Marshall paying Slash to use his name. As swlearly tightly pointed out, Slash has genuinely contributed to teh development and is far from being a one-trick pony or just "Slash In A Box" This is a significant amp with many uses.
  7. Thanks All, The release date is still up in the air, likely to be October so when it gets here to Australia is anybody's guess. Likely to be November / December. RRP here is $3300, I got it for $2500AUS, I believe they're around $1900 - 2000US Wild Rose, yes I can see your point. Certainly not apologising, I love Slash and I'm proud of it. I just tried to emphasis this wasn't a "fanboy" purchase, in fact this is the first Slash branded equipment I've bought. As I said, the possibilities with the power scaling are fantastic. Possibly apart from initial cost, there's no longer a need to worry about whether you but the 50 or 100 watt version. Set the dial for what you need knowing there's more on tap if you need it. [thumbup]
  8. Just laid my deposit down on one of these today, yes I am a Slash fan but that's not why I'm getting one. It looks to be a nice tone, pedal loving machine regardless of whether Slash is of interest as a player. The self biasing feature controllable on the back looks neat, Marshall have this to say about it: “An additional task was to program the amplifier control firmware. We haven’t disclosed it yet but this amplifier features an auto-biasing function which works together with the output power control. We’ve been working on it for more than a year now as it may well appear in some other projects, but we have decided to include it in this amplifier as well. The power control allows the user to obtain power amp distortion at volumes as low as 0.1W going to full 100W with the simple twist of a knob. With a trimmer pot located on the rear panel, the player selects the desired biasing current. When triggered by the user, the amplifier performs a complete biasing job by itself. This feature can be seen as having a little man inside the amp rotating the bias pots and measuring the current for us. Lets highlight too that the biasing is not only limited to the full power control but is performed in all the power range ensuring proper operating conditions at every output power setting. For convenience four LEDs on the rear panel show us if there was any biasing failure. Apart from the obvious easier maintenance, mixing output valve types can also be done without any problems, just plug the valves and let the amp bias them. The self biasing feature was praised as a 'gift from Heaven' by Chet, Slash's guitar tech when first introduced. No more need to get the multimeter, open the amp and tweak the trimmers!” Of course the style is a personal taste and I've generally avoided "signature" equipment BUT... I heard it in action when Slash was in town recently and it was outstanding, forget the hype, it was 2 hours of raw honest rock 'n' roll. There are 3 reasons I'm getting one: 1 - Power scaling allowing power amp distortion in the range of 0.1 to the full 100W range \:D/ 2 - Auto biasing plus access via screwdriver direct into the amp rear panel to adjust voltage manually to hot-rod the sound or wind it back 3 - The ability to use almost any octal based power tubes and in combination. That means I can have a full EL34 amp, KT66, KT88 etc amp OR ANY MIX of those tubes. Surely even the most hard-assed critic has to get a little interested in that claim. Direct from Marshall's blog: ,"most with octal socket: EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, 6L6, 5881, 6550, 7027, etc 6V6 are not recommended although they could be used if the power control is kept below 3pm or so." So regardless of your opinion of Slash, this amp reeks of flexibility and the ability for a player to customise a tone to their taste. Again, if the claims are true re the power scaling, then in one amp you have a bedroom practice amp or large venue monster and everything in between. The other feature is of course, with all that power, then I can use it as a pedal pony or set it for classic Marshall crunch with some pedal tone shaping if desired. Finally, there's no crappy Marshall digital reverb. Singularly the most uninspiring feature of my Marshall Vintage Modern amp I ended up selling. The potential of that amp was great but it was truly an amp that had to be opened up to get a decent tone. Maybe this will end up with KT66's I've got a couple of Les Paul's looking forward to this baby coming home... [love]
  9. Thanks Morten, yep, it's a player alright. I just can't bring myself to putting an extra strap pin at the heel. It would be played a lot more if I did.
  10. The Reverse V is a great feeling guitar. As I've shared on these forums a while back, I've had a few guys think it's a bit of fun but when they play it, they find out it's a serious rock beast. My only issue is the strap pin should be on the back at the heel. Apart from that it's a nice light guitar with lots of growl and a sweet tone. Sueprisingly also, it's fantastic to play seated.
  11. Nice start Henry... Now to put out a Standard with P90's, you know you want to, go on, they will be bought :) Just make sure they come in gloss ebony please with 59 rounded necks
  12. Enjot Rockstar The 2000/2001 build Classics are nice sounding guitars. I have a 2000 build and love it I put Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II's in mine as I found the stock pups a little edgy for my Blues / Blues-Rock stuff. You're on a winner Martin
  13. Perfect answer!!! It's like a good joke, if you have to explain it, it's not funny... Blues is not there to be explained, it's felt. That's why the basic I - IV - V progression is timeless for those that feel it. Just my 2c
  14. That's funny' date=' coming from a post on a guitar forum :-
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