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  1. Thank you Twang. If I replace the stock tuners with matching Grovers, which model do I use? Also do you know the difference between 14:1 and 18:1 ratio?
  2. Hello I'm very excited that I just got a 1990 Epiphone Sheraton mint, but I would like to replace the tuners with Deluxe Grover 135G's. Does anyone know if these will fit properly? I appreciate the help. Thank you
  3. Hi Does anyone know anything about the Epiphone EJ212? I cannot find to much info on them. Also what is a reasonable buying price for one? Thank you. Jude
  4. Hello I need to put strap-locks on my Epi Elitist Casino and want to know which ones are the best to use. I had recently purchased Dunlop strap-locks but the screw was to wide and I did not want to drill a hole into my guitar. Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you Jude www.judehernandez.com
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