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  1. I'll shoot him a line then. Thanks everybody!
  2. I've been looking for a 5 ply black pickguard for my Casino but I haven't had much luck. WDMusic makes pickguards for the Casino but they have a disclaimer saying that they only fit vintage Casino's. Is there much difference? Anyone know where I can find one that fits the imports?
  3. In my opinion, the Maestro looks killer on an SG.. It's just that Robby Krieger vibe that does it for me. All sorts of bad ***.
  4. Nope. Looks like a reissue to me.
  5. Take you're time with it and let the sandpaper do the work. You'll sand through the veneer in a blink of an eye. Coming from the same kid who sanded and refinished his Casino and a fellow Texan!
  6. I'm not quite sure about the standard tuner ratio on the stock Casino tuners. Regardless, the Grovers are going to be a huge step up any way you see it.
  7. :- Because...anyone who plays guitar can tell the difference in sound between the neck pickup and the bridge pickup?
  8. I would just go to your local hardware store a buy a lock washer. Switchcrafts come with lock washers that's why they don't move or loosen.
  9. Tah dah! Here it is. It's done save for a few things here and there. I did a crappy job on the wiring so I'm gonna re-do it and instead of using Alpha pots I'm going to put in CTS pots all with braided cloth wiring. Also, I'm gonna re-do the finish. The amber part of the burst came out really light and isn't yellow enough like that we see on the reissues. I learned a lot of things AFTER the project and I want to apply them. Should make for an easier refin.
  10. On refinishing your Casino: I have successfully stripped and refinished my 2006 MIC Casino. I'm only 18 and had no prior experience refinishing a guitar at all and it came out amazing for a first time, newbie refin. However, it is VERY difficult to take off the Poly and the chances for sanding through (yes, you MUST sand) the Maple veneer are very high. I'm not going to tell you that it's a stupid idea and it's not worth it and call you an idiot for even thinking about it like, most people would. But what I will say is that my Casino is CLEARLY more resonant and it's a VERY do-able project. It's a pain in the butt, a real pain, but if you have the time and the patience to do it right, it'll be worth it, and the results will be more than satisfactory.
  11. +1 on the Deluxe Reverb. The Twin is SOOO loud. I only play it on 3. Lot's of clean headroom. Might want to try looking at a Vibrolux Reverb. A great amp for amazing tone at low volumes.
  12. I replaced the bridge P-90 on my Casino with a Gibson P-90 and I did notice a difference. That midrange spank that the P-90 is known for is much more defined and the highs were very clear. Your amp has a lot to do with its sound as well.
  13. I'd hate to shoot you down and you'd already made up your mind, but I must agree with AS90. I don't really think I could picture a pearl pickguard on an Ebony Sheraton. Of course, I'm not trying to discourage you and afterall it is YOUR guitar. Everything else sounds rad though!
  14. Ain't it the truth. :P Happy New Guitar Day to you, man! I've been wanting to pull the trigger on one but I can't justify it yet because I too have one Casino already! I'm looking to get something with humbuckers like an SG. But hey! Wouldn't hurt to have another Casino!
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