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  1. do you have a Supersonic ?
  2. I may obtain a Joe Pass Emperor, some day maybe. Stranger things than that have happened to me, indeed they have. But ya, I would 1 of them things, ya I would
  3. I will interject a little. I have only tried a Joe Pass model at the guitar store.It was OK. I traded my 1999 Regent for an Ibanez. I have 2 Swingster's I love them, a lot... a real lot. this was nice this is nicer, sorry Epiphone great, very great. So, an Emperor Swingster is my reply to that Broadway is kind of like a 2 pup Regent a little bit and, I like that thing a lot too, a very a lot, actually. Oh yes I do I mean, look at them , thank you Epiphone, for those things there,
  4. I also am kind of wondering if the person who started Danelectro, may have had something to do with those, there, maybe. I don't really know, but he did work for Epiphone, and their amps, when he was involved with them, there, then, with amps, before starting Danelectro, himself., I did read that, someplace, maybe. Good luck in your search, and, maybe someone can give you more insight into those, some day, soon, maybe. http://www.folkwaymusic.com/museum/amplifiers-/1959-epiphone-devon-0514/
  5. Apparently not :( I will say this, you can send them to me, and then, I will tell you something like "you don't really need those old things any more" or "these things are great", most likely. All kidding aside, they kind of remind me of old Supro amps, a little, maybe. Try Gruhn guitars or a similar appraiser, or "my rare guitar" site,or even Epiphone customer service :) and maybe someone there can give you an appropriate answer about those. I would also say this, about them. I kind of believe they are somewhat of historical relics :) But, I do also believe that you already knew that, about them, most likely. Lucky and fortunate, that is what I also believe about yourself, with those things, there :) .
  6. I like all the iterations Epiphone guitars have, and have had. Even banana heads :)
  7. I also like your modification with that tremolo unit on that. I guess, if you do that, the tremolo thing will be at a bit of an angle, maybe. Yes, to me, these are very fun instruments. I believe I am not the only 1 that also has found that to be true, for themselves. :)
  8. I like that, a lot. :) I think it is a beautiful instrument, that thing, there, yes :) do believe that :) When I did obtain this thing, the head stock emblem was not present, but I did obtain 1, and now it has that thing, back on it, there, now. I like that guitar though, and this 1 also :) :) I have not done any modifications to this thing yet. I might replace the saddles with a roller type bridge, or graph-tech things, some day, maybe. I did put a roller bridge on 2 of theses. things, and, they do work pretty good, after doing that, to them , now :) I do believe a roller bridge would work OK on a Wildkat thing also :) White and wine red, yes, very nice, Doing that improves the tuning stability and I haven't broken the high E string as quickly as what did happen with the "stock" saddle things on them. :) I will watch this subject. I kind of do not believe too many have modified their Wildkat guitar. I may be incorrect about that, maybe. But, no, I do not believe too many have modified theirs, maybe :)
  9. no more links from photobucket for free any more :( I use imgur.com ,now. Hey , my oldest sons friend likes this reissue thing. me too :)
  10. I looked away was the very last thing , this morning , I try to perform something , every day , that I had never done before ,
  11. Why is that ? Is there something that you do not like about "full humbuckers" ? maybe
  12. And yes , I leave all the stickers on . Why , I don't know :) I just do :) . But , I do take the plastic "film" , protective cover sheet thing , off of the pickups . :) I also leave the plastic foam insert that is under the bridge/saddle thing on. Do you ? And , do you remove the stickers on your instruments ? i may , but , probably not . I like to look at them . I don't think that is wrong :) peace :)
  13. I am still trying to find a new , or slightly used , blue colored Epiphone Riviera P93 . I see , they are available in Canada , now . At one time MF did have them , I must have been sleeping :) Things as such , true "limited edition" Epiphone instruments , like that thing , they do go rather fast . So , I guess , if you see something , that may not actually be over produced , you better obtain it , when it is available . That is my experience . You know how I feel about guitars , Epiphones in particular . If you don't , well , to me , they are great guitars , or the ones I have obtained , over the course of years , have been . I do not believe I "got lucky" , with the Epiphone instruments that I like . I just believe , Epiphone makes all the things they manufacture , great :) I have been playing , well ,every guitar here , but these ones have been taking up most of my practice time , lately . I think , they are great , because they are :) Thanks Epiphone :) I expect to get many years of enjoyment with , all the instruments , actually . But , again , the latest instruments I have obtained really are , actually , to me , ridiculously nice ...indeed they are :)
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