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  1. do you have a Supersonic ?
  2. I may obtain a Joe Pass Emperor, some day maybe. Stranger things than that have happened to me, indeed they have. But ya, I would 1 of them things, ya I would
  3. Wildkat ? ya the LP is a Spear I like them all, oh yes I do
  4. I will interject a little. I have only tried a Joe Pass model at the guitar store.It was OK. I traded my 1999 Regent for an Ibanez. I have 2 Swingster's I love them, a lot... a real lot. this was nice this is nicer, sorry Epiphone great, very great. So, an Emperor Swingster is my reply to that Broadway is kind of like a 2 pup Regent a little bit and, I like that thing a lot too, a very a lot, actually. Oh yes I do I mean, look at them , thank you Epiphone, for those things there,
  5. that is not my intention. It is my opinion that that is dependent on everyone else that may participate in this topic of discussion. That, and doing that, is up to you all, now. I really do not care if that happens, or if it does not happen. So, maybe.
  6. "They" might be using an old Harmony, at 1 of those places, maybe.
  7. I leave things be, so I don't break anything, which I do, if I try to make something "better".
  8. So, did you do that, to that, yet ? Are you satisfied with it, like that, now ?
  9. thanks. Epiphone guitars, well, they make me happy. I believe that is what they are for, for everyone, actually.
  10. "burned" tiger maple striped too
  11. So, is that modification complete, now ? What is the result I would kind of believe, that by doing that, to that, you would be pretty happy with the finished results. So, is that the case, in this instance, with that ? pics
  12. I do not know the answer...but, at 1 point in time, about 20 years ago, i did own an Emperor Regent, which, a far as my memory serves me, the nut material on it was some type of plastic. The "specifications" do not state the material, but, and I am only guessing, if it was bone,that fact would, in my own opinion, be stated, somewhere in the "spec's", but,it isn't, on the specifications "page" . Hey, i liked it, very much...but, I obtained a "Broadway", and this Ibanez thing. i must honestly admit, even with my exuberance for all things Epiphone, that the ibanez is one of the very most excellent and just plain finest guitars i have ever had the pleasure to pluck, beat and strum. The nut on my Broadway, which is quite similar to the Regent, is made of plastic. http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Emperor-Regent.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Broadway.aspx
  13. Thank you Epiphone for these things. Hey now, ,please make a "natural", "aged natural", sunburst, iced tea, and walnut model, also. Yes, do that/them/those too. thank you again
  14. early present complete now
  15. http://dutcharchtopguitarmuseum.nl/epiphone-collection/choiseofthestars/
  16. this is why I love photograph's of everyone's guitars
  17. I will be 65 in October, if I just keep on going. No reason not to. No reason not to obtain another birthday present or 3, also, most likely, then.
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