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  1. I "promised" my wife I had "no need" for another guitar this year.... that I had enough and what I needed.... But, as you pointed out... this is not about "need". "Need" has no place in the world of guitar acquisition. Unfortunately, my new Epi SG Special has some relatively minor issues—but enough so that I need to have it "fixed". As such, I've not been in the right frame of mind to post my own pics yet. I feel like it should be in tip-top playability at the time of the official "NGD" announcement!
  2. That's going to hurt. GC is the last company that needs to lose revenue from it's stores… not that any store needs to lose revenue.
  3. So what would step #1 be for a guitar that began with fret buzz, that turned into a dead string? 😒 I'm thinking the string slippage will be remedied when the other things are.
  4. Hey, thanks for the insights... Yes, Sweetwater does their "55 point inspection". So, it's hard to fathom how they'd miss something so obvious. I do find it odd how, when I first got the guitar, it was mainly some fret buzz and the string slippage. But since then, it's graduated up to a dead string. So, it seems like there's some "adapting" or "adjusting" going on with something… the neck, specifically! I don't dare mess with my guitars, out of fear of screwing something up worse. Could giving the truss rod a couple turns help at all? I wanted to adjust the wrap-around stop bar (these don't sport a bridge), thinking it might help, as well. Not really sure what else to do or where to begin trying to remedy this on my own, if the guitar can be salvaged and avoid a return.
  5. Interesting observation. Right, like my frets are "sloped" down and away... creating the right circumstances for a string to slide off—like a water slide! LOL! I have a feeling this guitar will ultimately be returned. Need to initiate and authorize it first, and Sweetwater has been dragging their feet getting back to me. They're usually a lot more attentive and on the ball. I guess Covid-19 is screwing with everyone's lives in one way or another.
  6. Bravo! I like the Faded Pelham Blue… but that Burgundy Metallic (or whatever it's called) looks real sharp—excellent color for an SG, of course.
  7. I'd heard about all the QC issues with these 2020 Epi's, but I have had really good luck with buying guitars sight unseen. Never any issues at all. My luck has run out, it appears. I can't adjust or modify my playing style enough to circumvent this. Nor do I want to. Strings shouldn't slip off the fretboard so effortlessly.... and now the string is dead? Eek!
  8. Thanks for all the replies, gents. I just picked her up to play, and the high E string is now virtually dead. Plucked it, and it's just a sad, buzzy, toneless noise. 😕 I think Sweetwater is going to get this guitar back from me. Not sure what the deal is, but I don't think I want to deal with the deal! 🙄
  9. Wow! I hadn't noticed that. Good catch.... I don't think it's the lighting, either. I'll go check it out now. If it is, then this is a return—no way around it. Thanks.
  10. No sweat. These things happen.... and if it's because of The Beatles, then there's no foul! 😀
  11. Well... as much of a self-proclaimed Beatles aficionado I have been most of my adult life, I still get things wrong that I was certain I had nailed-down… whether it's "who sang what", or "who played what on that song", etc.... I am always learning new things. One of the great things about The Beatles: there's so much to KNOW.
  12. Well, guys... I was right. This is from the White Album lyrics poster. Can't really find a more reputable source than an Apple Records printed insert. Now that this is cleared up, I'd like some insights — if there are any — into my posted pics of the nut and fretboard… which was the topic of this thread, after all. 😆
  13. Down By The Seaside - Led Zeppelin
  14. Right on.... never mind that I've never heard of "mountain hills". Not sure if those are "a thing" or not. 😄 But, like you said, online lyrics have both "mountain" and "mining"—however, "mountain" claims the vast majority of instances. One key source would be the lyrics/poster which was included within the hallowed gatefold of the White Album.
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