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  1. Thanks for the input, everyone. I may still pick up a new Wilshire. But I'll need to actually play one at a shop, as to avoid another "2020 SG Special" situation. I think the Gretsch Electromatics are a bit more reliable "out of the box", and so that Jet is still in the running.
  2. Thanks so much for your replies and insights! I, too, love P90s. I've got my aforementioned Epi SG Special, as well as an Epi ES-339 P90 Pro. The 339 was perfect right out of the box—save for a strange vibration that began emanating from a location that seems to be underneath the neck pickup. This does not effect the amplified sound. It is strictly a "cosmetic" sound... if that makes any sense. How does the neck feel on the Wilshire? Is it a wide neck, slim, somewhere in-between? Anyway, I am trying to decide on this new Wilshire or a Gretsch 5222 Jet. I've got a single cut-away 5230 Jet with Bigsby and Filtertrons... and the 5222 Jet has no Bigsby and BroadTrons. So, I am trying to decide which would be the most different from what I've got of the two Brands. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, everyone! I've been considering getting one of the new Wilshires. I know they're not the same quality level as those American-made "Reissues" that came out some yeas ago. But was still wondering if anyone has acquired one of these new models, and what their thoughts are on them regarding fit and finish. I've got a 2020 Epi SG Special with P90s. It's a decent guitar, but it needed a little TLC out of the box before it was 100% playable. So I am not sure if I need another Chinese-made P90 Epi or not—and if I want to risk buying another guitar that will need a setup or other adjustments. But they look cool, sound great (on the youtube demos I've watched), and are unique to the Epiphone brand—as opposed to an Epiphone version of a Gibson. Thanks!
  4. When we were kids, every so often my mom and dad would collect a bunch of stuff they wanted to sell, and we'd all head over to the flee market that was held at a drive-in theater lot a couple towns over. All day long, they'd pump the same five or six songs over the speaker system on a never-ending loop. "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" was one of the songs. I believe some of the others were, "Song Sung Blue", and "The Most Beautiful Girl".
  5. One of THE most fun "guitar" TV Show theme songs to play—ever.
  6. At a point where I thought I might be returning this guitar to SW, I was considering maybe asking them to replace it with a Sparkling Burgundy model.... but the Faded Pelham is great, and I wanted to keep this guitar if possible. I chose it specifically, at a time when they had four to compare/choose from. It felt like "mine", and I am glad I kept it and finally had it fixed. Good news that you're pulling the trigger... and you're welcome for my input. I just checked and Guitar Center has Sparkling Burgundy in-stock. But I understand you'd want to have a guitar that gets a thorough once-over before it ships. I'll be on the look-out for a "NGD" post from you. 😉👍
  7. Hey, Bill... Yes, the merchant in-question is known for their "55-point inspection"... and truth be told, this is the second guitar I've purchased from them that had issues. First was an Alvarez acoustic. Had some fret buzz. In that instance, I didn't bother with contacting them about it. I took it to a luthier who is a friend of a friend. Anyway, this SG's issues were obviously more extensive, so I had no choice but to get them involved. Anyway, about this SG.... I've had several SGs over the years. Eight to be exact. They're my all-time favorite guitar. I only own three of them today (and one of them is this new Epi). I didn't know about P90s, myself, until maybe six years ago....? I've always bought guitars with humbuckers. Crazy, considering I've been playing for like 40 years. I love them... and I love this guitar. Never had a guitar without a tune-a-matic bridge, so that is a new one for me. The intonation is great—of course, I just had it set-up... and yes, the P90s are adjustable. He actually adjusted them a little bit on this Epi. Not much hum from them. I am not much of a stickler for things like that (unless we're talking unacceptably noisy)... a little hum doesn't bother me. Lastly, yes—I use 10's on all of my guitars. Basically, this guitar has been out on the stand since it was fixed, and I love playing it. I know that's the case with any new guitar. But I dunno... this thing is very.... seductive. 😍 I would go ahead and get one of these. I'm sure the 2019 Gibson version of this guitar would feel more expensive. But this feels and sounds great... and for 1k less? It was a no-brainer. I would just beware of the QC issues that these 2020 "Inspired By" Epi's seem to be plagued with. I took a chance and bought sight unseen. I'd say check on out in-person, but that's not possible at the moment 😷.
  8. Yes, initially the high E string was, indeed, slipping off the edge of the fretboard with the most minimal of effort. I posted some pre-fixing pics—when I first got the guitar— in another thread in this Epiphone area. If you look closely, I think it can be detected that the high E was a bit too close to the edge of the fretboard—at the very least, it appeared to be further from the B than the B was to the G.... etc., etc. I could be wrong. It may very well have simply been the neck being out of whack and/or the stop bar needed adjusting in unison with the neck "straightening". Whatever the Guitar tech did has made it play perfectly now.
  9. Right. I was just saying it looks like the old Gibson "Classic" that they were offering in the late 2000's. Full-face PG, P90's, fat/wide dot neck..... Sorry about the issues. Seems these new "Inspired by" Epi's are fraught with problems. One would be very lucky to get one that was ready to rock right out of the box.
  10. Hey, Bill. You know what was weird... the high-E string slippage was the initial issue with this guitar. But that seemed to remedy itself, and it morphed into a dead string. Fret and pluck it, and nothing but a tinny, buzzy plink ensued. So, unfortunately, I can't give you any further info on what caused the string slippage... other than what I outlined a few posts above.
  11. I have been! 😉👍 Btw... that's a cool TV Yellow LP Junior in our avatar. I love P90s. Discovered them a little late in my years as a guitarist. But better late then never.
  12. I'd have thought an ES-339 case would work for the Casino Coupe. Pretty much the same size, body, length....
  13. Upon first impressions, he said the neck appeared to be a bit bowed. He fiddled with the truss rod a little until the buzz seemed to diminish, and said it would be ready in just a couple days. In the end, he basically gave it a setup. Tightened the machines, adjusted/set the stop bar tailpiece for intonation, adjusted the P90s… and then some cosmetic things like polishing the frets and fretboard.... Sweetwater covered it, so it was no sweat off my back—save for a new set of strings, as I was a bonehead and forgot to bring a new set with me when I dropped it off.
  14. Ah, nice! Which one is that? It looks like the Epi version of what Gibson called the "Classic". I had one of those.
  15. Well, the saga of my Epi SG Special has finally come to a satisfying conclusion, and I am finally getting around to posting a "NGD". This guitar arrived with some issues. Fret buzz, and high-E string slippage off the fretboard. With all the Covid-19 disruption, it took Sweetwater a while to give me the "OK" to have the fixes executed at a local repair shop… but I just picked her up at the shop, and she now plays—and sounds—like a dream! Now that she's ready to rock, I present to you all my new 2020 Epiphone SG Special in Faded Pelham Blue! I kept the warranty sticker/plastic coating on the pick guard until I was 100% certain she was a keeper. Felt good to finally peel it all off!
  16. I "promised" my wife I had "no need" for another guitar this year.... that I had enough and what I needed.... But, as you pointed out... this is not about "need". "Need" has no place in the world of guitar acquisition. Unfortunately, my new Epi SG Special has some relatively minor issues—but enough so that I need to have it "fixed". As such, I've not been in the right frame of mind to post my own pics yet. I feel like it should be in tip-top playability at the time of the official "NGD" announcement!
  17. That's going to hurt. GC is the last company that needs to lose revenue from it's stores… not that any store needs to lose revenue.
  18. So what would step #1 be for a guitar that began with fret buzz, that turned into a dead string? 😒 I'm thinking the string slippage will be remedied when the other things are.
  19. Hey, thanks for the insights... Yes, Sweetwater does their "55 point inspection". So, it's hard to fathom how they'd miss something so obvious. I do find it odd how, when I first got the guitar, it was mainly some fret buzz and the string slippage. But since then, it's graduated up to a dead string. So, it seems like there's some "adapting" or "adjusting" going on with something… the neck, specifically! I don't dare mess with my guitars, out of fear of screwing something up worse. Could giving the truss rod a couple turns help at all? I wanted to adjust the wrap-around stop bar (these don't sport a bridge), thinking it might help, as well. Not really sure what else to do or where to begin trying to remedy this on my own, if the guitar can be salvaged and avoid a return.
  20. Interesting observation. Right, like my frets are "sloped" down and away... creating the right circumstances for a string to slide off—like a water slide! LOL! I have a feeling this guitar will ultimately be returned. Need to initiate and authorize it first, and Sweetwater has been dragging their feet getting back to me. They're usually a lot more attentive and on the ball. I guess Covid-19 is screwing with everyone's lives in one way or another.
  21. Bravo! I like the Faded Pelham Blue… but that Burgundy Metallic (or whatever it's called) looks real sharp—excellent color for an SG, of course.
  22. I'd heard about all the QC issues with these 2020 Epi's, but I have had really good luck with buying guitars sight unseen. Never any issues at all. My luck has run out, it appears. I can't adjust or modify my playing style enough to circumvent this. Nor do I want to. Strings shouldn't slip off the fretboard so effortlessly.... and now the string is dead? Eek!
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