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  1. Well, after a couple of weeks of wringing this thing out, bone stock, I believe I am going to like it. Played a gig last week and paired it with a 2x12 and was pleased (Palomino 2x12 with Celestion 70/80s). I like the 15 watt setting better so I added the other cab. I'm still trying to learn the EQ, although it's getting better. I have determined that running pedals is just easiest for dirt. There's no way to get the EQ to agree on both channels. It plays well with both the Fulltone OCD and Robin Trower signature OD. For kicks and giggles I ran a Boss MT-2 through it and even the MT-2 sounded decent, which takes some work. So far so good stock. I think I'll throw in some NOS preamp tubes I have around to see what happens, but I could continue to use it stock with no problems. It especially loves my FSR Ash Strat with Fralin Hot vintage pickups. Like 'buckers, too. I think I'll keep it.
  2. I usually use an OD and BBE Soul Vibe. I might add a wah from time to time. The most I use at one time is three.
  3. The MG series Marshalls are not known for tone. The ones I have played on have been from meh to terrible, although a lot of that probably has to do more with the speakers than the amp. To get as close as possible you are going to need a tube amp using either EL34s or EL84s. Then you are going to have to play at volumes that will not endear you to those around you. The EL84 will break up earlier, but you still need volume. A good compromise would be a lower wattage two channel tube amp using a pedal for your overdrive. Even a 15 watt amp is going to be quite loud if you want power tube distortion. You can always get a modeling amp. But don't tell anyone I said so - I've got a rep to protect.
  4. Watts are watts, regardless of whether they are solid state or tube watts. brianh pretty much hit the nail on the head. You will probably not be able to keep up, volume wise, with your friend because he is going to be playing through 4 12" speakers. His sound will be more dispersed. If it is one of the MG series amps, I will almost guarantee you will sound better.
  5. Thanks everyone. I've only had it a week so I'm still getting to know it. I hate to get a new amp and start swapping things around before I get a good feel for it, then I can have a better idea on where to go. I play mostly blues, and I do run a fuzz occasionally. I'm not all that keen on the drive channel so far. Maybe with a little more time I can find a happy medium. I really want to get the speakers broken in a little too. Thanks again.
  6. I just bought a Blues Custom 30, I'm still in the honeymoon but it seems OK so far. When/if a tube swap becomes necessary, will I have to have it biased or is it self-biasing? Thanks.
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