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  1. This is AWESOME TWANG! Thanks so much for taking the tame to post all of that! Many thanks.
  2. Do you have any pics of a guitar with the vibramate already on, icantbuyafender? I saw those for sale online and was wondering about them. It doesn't seem like it would look as good as the other ones. If I put one on my guitar, I probably won't ever want to take it off anyway, but I'd like to see how a LP looks with the non-permanent one.
  3. Yeah TWANG, if you could post some pics on here of the process, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  4. I've got an ebony LP standard and it plays and sounds great. However, I think it would look so killer with a nickle plated Bigsby slapped on it. I just don't want to screw up the tone and/or playability of the guitar. I know holes will have to be drilled, which makes me cringe, but I really would like to install one. Has anyone ever done this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I need new knobs for my black les paul to replace the horrible amber ones. Does anyone know anything about the pots in a Standard or if Gibson or Dimarzio knobs will fit before I go buy them?????
  6. Ok, I got so frustrated with my Dot that I traded it in for a new black Epi Les Paul standard! lol It sounds awesome and I have no problems keeping the damn G string in tune! Also is it really worth putting Gibson pick ups in place of the epi ones? I mean is it a $260 difference?
  7. I was wanting to get one that was slightly longer just in case, but I found a 1 3/4 wide that I think will work. I guess I'll be going with Tusq rather than bone.
  8. I had mentioned this briefly in my other post...The G string on my new Dot WILL NOT stay in tune. I've had it set up(action, intonation, ect.) Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how I can fix it? Thanks
  9. Well, It's actually for my Dad. He really want's a bone nut on his Dot and I was going to get one and and put it on and file it down as a Father's Day present. I'm not really sure if it will make a difference or not. By the way, I had this guitar set up by a reliable guy I know, but I'm having a bit of a problem keeping the G string in tune. Anyone else experienced this? I thought a new nut might help it. The tuners are Grovers so I know that's not the problem. I adjusted the bridge also, but the G string just wont stay in tune. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  10. Still can't find any bone nuts that are the right size online. Found some tusq and graphite ones, but I would really like to get a bone one. :D
  11. ok thanks, I might give that one a shot.
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check out the sites!
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