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  1. Cool project.........you're a brave man!!!!
  2. WOW, I got the Yukon running and got my confidence back. Did the p/u swap. I love the Mean90. So clean and clear. Sounds AWESOME!!! Now I better straighten up before the wife comes home. ....
  3. Thanks for the info.......... I'll have to get back to that project. Now I have to go tackle a fuel pump on my Yukon........Some fun...
  4. It has a red, a white, and a ground (no insulation)
  5. Dangit.......I went to replace my neck p/u on my Dot with a Mean 90. I finally found some time. Well, I removed the stock p/u and there was no slack at all in the wires. I removed the bridge p/u and I could get to the wires there. Should I cut them right at the p/u and pull them through, and make connections there by the bridge p/u? That would leave only about 1/2 inch at the old p/u. Also, the instructions say to connect the white to hot, and the other two to ground. Someone please give me a brief summary on what to do. I replaced a tele p/u once. That was a piece of cake. thanks.
  6. Dangit, Dangit, Dangit.........I want one, but I just got my Dot in October. Can't pull it off right now.
  7. I love my Cherry Dot. I'm getting ready to stick a Mean-90 in the neck position.
  8. Hey Anthony, how are ya? Don't really have any answers for ya on the Casino. I ended up buying a Cherry Dot. I replaced the amber knobs with black and chrome ones. I think the only other thing I'll do is try a GFS Mean 90 in the neck. I'm very happy with it, and the cherry finish is beautiful....
  9. I keep my wedding band on my left hand, doesn't bother me.....
  10. Cool, thanks. I've been considering putting a GFS Mean 90 in the neck of my Dot, for a bit cleaner tone.
  11. Hey 96. How would you describe the tone on your GT, compared to humbuckers???
  12. Well, I just recently saw here, that the Sherry has a thinner neck. Besides the bling factor, that might be the only difference.??? Not sure.
  13. I was in the same boat a few months ago. I ended up with a very nice cherry Dot. You just have to play a casino to see if you like the P-90 sound. Some of the Casinos have a buzzing problem. The Dots are less expensive. Just play them all if you can and see which one feels/sounds best.
  14. I love my Dot. I had a Sherry a while back. A little too much bling for me. MY Dot is perfect. beautiful cherry finish with grain showing through. perfect neck, sounds great......
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