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  1. Don't forget universally adored pinch-harmonic botherer Zakk Wylde actually uses that coffin shaped thingy live.
  2. Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red).
  3. Vic 20 I think it was called so because it took about 20 minutes to load a game. Happy days.
  4. The saga continues and I'm bored of it. I don't want to see (original) GnR re-united, at least not as a novelty act and they will never be a band again. Treasure your memories and never meet your heroes.
  5. I take back everything I have ever said about TV not being as good as it used to be.
  6. The guy from The Cribs (forgot his name) threw his Epi Dot into the crowd at Glastonbury last year or the year before - looked similar in colour to this one. Normally he plays a Gibson but for some reason he had switched to an Epiphone for the song just before it got launched crowd-wards!?!? Could it be?
  7. My LP Studio is my most heavily modded guitar I have - all the original wiring, pots, pick-ups etc are out; replaced with a PAF in the neck and a fat P90 in the bridge. Very versatile with a nice 'funky' sound when both pick-ups selected. Body is quite a deep 'burst in colour, the black knobs are now gold and the black plastics are now cream. she's very nice
  8. The other side of this is I don't like/enjoy playing other peoples guitars - always feels uncomfortable. The only other person that plays my guitars is my son and I don't like that much but only because he is way better than I will ever be!
  9. I always wanted one of the Ibanez Giger (Alien) guitars just for the look; then I kind of grew up.
  10. This has to be wrong - I saw Black Sabbath at their LAST EVER gig in Birmingham around 1999.
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