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  1. Agree, but who cares - it's horrible!
  2. The neck grippers failed on mine, then it got sticky. Took it down the dump & one of the guys working there was a picker. He was really pleased with it.(?)
  3. The old buzzard has reappeared!
  4. Great to hear from you! Happy birthday & Christmas!
  5. Natural R96F1068 Sunburst R96C0793. Anyone know the new price of these? Anyone heard about Mooseguy?
  6. You sure it's not an Eldorado?
  7. Looked up the blurb on the Epiphone 1963 EJ45,the saddle is made of "imitation bone".
  8. Rosewood, ebony, ceramic, bone Tusq. Who knew?
  9. Am I imagining it or have I seen saddles made of metal & painted white?
  10. Cowboy, I sanded one a few years ago & took a tad too much off. So the saddle didn't fit exactly. So the guitar didn't sound right & I put the wooden saddle back on. This time I found the original saddle to be so similar to Tusq I decided to leave well alone. The Texan plays & sounds better than it did anyway.
  11. bobouz, Thanks for the prompt & helpful reply. I tried putting the Tusq saddle on the Texan, but it wouldn't slot right in like on the Kalamazoo guitars, so I put the original back on. When I strung it back up it played easier than before. Result! Your description of ceramic saddles is very clear - I don't recall ever seeing one, only wooden ones. They seem to work OK on a 12-string,but the Eldorado & Frontier were definitely better with Tusq.
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