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  2. Hi folks, Picked up a 2013 made in Indonesia "Inspired by 64" Texan today. I managed to score it along with a hardcase for next to nothing, but the previous owner had removed the pickup and preamp system. Given the cheap cheap price, I wasn't complaining. But I was just wondering - can anyone recommend a decent replacement that I can install? Thanks, - oldflattop
  3. Probably a silly and really obvious question, but my brain is failing me today. Does anyone know why all the fancier Epi models are referred to as "outfits?" Is it because they're all dressed up? - oldflattop
  4. Probably a silly and really obvious question, but my brain is failing me today. Does anyone know why all the fancier Epi models are referred to as "outfits?" Is it because they're all dressed up? - oldflattop
  5. Hi folks, Just thought I'd share an experience with setting up a Nighthawk Studio in case it is of help to anyone else. I've got a 2011 Nighthawk Studio Goldtop which looked fantastic, but the frets were way too tall. As I got the guitar super cheap, I coughed up the money for a Plek fret dress, which brought them down to a manageable height. This improved playability no end, but something still wasn't right. Looking closer, I noticed the repair store had set the action to 5/64" on the Low E and 3/64" on the High E (at the 15th fret) - just the same way you'd set up a Les Paul or an SG. Given that the Nighthawk neck has the same 25 1/2" scale length as a Fender, I tried setting the action to 4/64" across all strings. (As you would a Strat or Tele with a flatter radius neck) Lo and behold, the feel of the guitar now makes a whole lot more sense. Everything now feels right. Again, not sure if this technically the right or wrong way to do it. Either way, it worked for me. Just wanted to share in case it helps anyone else. Cheers, oldflattop
  6. Ok, just thought I'd provide an update in case this may be useful to any other Casino owners. Took the guitar to my favourite local tech, who has seen this problem before in a bunch of Casinos, with the bridge pickup cover being quite simply too tall to get the action on the guitar down to where it should be. His solution is to file down the height of the bridge pickup cover to about half of its current height. To do this, he's going to desolder the pickup and remove it from the cover, file down the cover, resolder the pickup back into the cover, and then re-attach it to the guitar. This will not affect the pickup itself, which has plenty of room to sit low inside the bridge pickup cavity. However, the result is that both cover and pickup will sit lower to the body of the guitar. All in all, this procedure should provide sufficient clearance for the strings to pass over the pickup. Any necessary adjustments for balancing with the neck pickup can then be done by adjusting the polepieces. For others who find themselves in this situation, I'd definitely leave this to an experienced tech - you wouldn't want to file one of these chrome pickup covers down unevenly or ruin it. Cheers, - oldflattop
  7. Hi folks, Got a bit of a problem with setting string action on my Epi Casino, and I was hoping that the brilliant folks here could help me out. The background of this Casino is as follows - it's a Korean model dating back to 2007. I bought it stock, fitted a Bigsby to it, and have recently replaced the pickups with Lollar P90s (which were built into the original metal covers from the Epiphone pickups). It's never been my main guitar, but since fitting the Lollars I've been loving the sound of it, so wanted to get it playing just right. Here's the problem: I basically can't get the string action on the guitar to where I'd like it, which is 5/64ths on the bass and 4/64ths on the treble, without some of the strings (low E, B and high E) hitting the polepieces on the bridge P90. The polepieces are as low as they can go, and for the strings to clear the polepieces, the action needs to be set way too high (Around 7/64ths on both sides). Also, the truss rod is measuring fine, so no problems there. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to tackle this. Do I try to file the base of the metal casing of the P90 down by a millimetre or so, so that the pickup housing sits lower to the guitar body? Do I need to get a tech to file a little bit of wood off the top of the guitar? Or do I get the pickups looked at, as the polepieces won't screw down far enough into the casing of the pickup. Any thoughts or advice provided would be much appreciated. Cheers, -oldflattop
  8. I put a Bigsby on my MIK Casino. Haven't really run into enough tuning problems to make me consider switching to a roller bridge, though last time I got the guitar set up, it had a fret dress and some filing done on the nut, so maybe that's helping keep things in tune. I haven't had any problems fitting it in the Epi case. As you say, just swing the arm back and you should be fine.
  9. Another vote for the Seymour Duncan 59s. Great pickups. And as the previous poster suggested, if you're going to the trouble of replacing your pickups, it's worth doing the rest of the electronics at the same time.
  10. Sure, will definitely take some pics and post them up here.
  11. I've just taken the plunge and ordered all the parts you've recommend. Now, looking forward to the fun part of putting it all together.
  12. Actually, found the answers in this thread: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/69408-tone-pots-for-casino/
  13. It looks awesome in a weird sorta way. I'd buy it...
  14. I'm about to embark on upgrading a MIK Casino and was hoping that some of the Epi gurus here could give me some advice. In addition to installing a Bigsby B7 and some Kent Armstrong Casino P90s, I was planning on doing a (gulp) full swap-out of all the wiring, caps, pots, switches, etc. Just wondering if any one could give me any recommendations on what value of pots and caps I should get, and if there's anything in particular I should avoid.
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