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  1. Gotta bump it. I'm looking at amps and reverb units again.
  2. That good to hear! Sounds promising. I was looking at those Danelectro Spring Kings but hopefully this will save me. :-
  3. Have there been any mods done to get a more Fender-esque reverb out of it? I love the amp but the reverb isn't that great for sixties songs. Plus mine seems to get noisy when I play hard too. It's even driven me to go back to pawnshops and ebay to see if I can find a cheap fender to run in stereo or something.
  4. I've occasionally had a problem with crackling too. It happens most often when I turn the amp off, but sometimes it happens when I'm just playing. At one point it just seemed to happen when I hit certain notes (A if I remember right). That problem has gone away though.
  5. Now this I would love to hear! I know nothing about modding and circuits but is this based on the Thunderbolt? Did you just tweak a few things or is it pretty close to the real circuit?
  6. Has anyone upgraded the reverb on their BC30? I've been really wanting a Fender or Music Man lately and I think if I had some good reverb on my BC30 the GAS would be quieted.
  7. Looks like there's more info on the power cord question in this thread. Some interesting posts. http://www.tdpri.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-136761.html
  8. I think we need some clips on this. I'm ready to spend some money on a new cord if there's a big difference.
  9. I'd be interested in trying those five suggested settings. I got mine second hand so no manual.
  10. Thanks for the input guys! Much appreciated. I'm also building a 2x12 cab for an old Silvertone 1484 head. I was going to get some new jensens but I think I might go with weber instead.
  11. I'm gonna bump this back up. I was thinking about saving up for some Celestions. I'm kinda wanting maximum Vox-ish sound out of this. Would that be obtainable? I've heard the stock Emminence don't color the sound much.
  12. I got some new fuses on ebay and they seem to work fine. I've been leaving it on standby when I turn it on and that seems to do the trick. Unfortunately now it's making fizzing or buzzing noise. I thought it might be my cable but it wasn't that. It does it slightly when I put it on standby and it does worse when I pick one of the low strings sharply. It seems to do it worse on E notes for some reason. Very strange. It doesn't affect it when I have distortion on it (drowned out I guess). It's pretty frustrating to play the clean channel at low volume. I've used this thing for several shows now and it's certainly loud enough. That's been the one good thing about it. I've left it in 15 watt mode and had plenty of volume. So what do you all think? Should I save up for some new speakers or what?
  13. Thanks for all the replies! So when you say standby switch to on that would be blocking the sound or not blocking the sound? Dumb question I know but I wanted to make sure I understood correctly. What would a solid state rectifier do to the sound? I would really like to keep this amp but I can't keep taking $100 trips to the amp tech.
  14. Hello all, I signed up to talk about my new BC30 and unfortunately the first post is going to be about problems. I got it used on craigslist and when I picked it up everything sounded good. When I took it home it wouldn't come on at all. Well, I took it too an amp tech (because yes, I'm a noob) and he said a tube was bad and the fuse was blown. A hundred dollars down the road everything seemed fine. I used it once to play at a church. Today, one week after getting fixed, I try to turn it on and again nothing is lighting up at all. The fuse and tubes look fine as far as I can tell. I know this amp had problems with blowing fuses. Did that ever get resolved? Anybody have similar problems? Thanks
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