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  1. Harumph. I deeply appreciate your info, folks. But it's BAD NEWS!! I coulda used the Big Bucks, dadgumit. At least I know the truth. I may still get a appraisal, but I'll probably just hang on to this thing. Thanks for rockin in the free world!!
  2. Yeah, I second the crack idea. I'm not just sayin; it happens all the time with me. I'm gonna try to get a better pic, though not if this thing is just full of sentimental value. (It plays well!) The plate that has the serial # also has "Made in JAPAN". I didn't wanna post that. Oh, and the purchase "in 1985" has wiggle room, and I bought it used from a freind (Out of touch with him). Coulda been anywhere from 1983-1987, but again, it was used. So, something really is wrong here - my kids were born before the date that you mentioned, and I bought it WELL before then. It was definitely made before 1991. Hunh? How can I reconcile this?
  3. Thanks, folks. Okay, here goes: it's not a great shot, but my avatar is the very guitar that I mentioned. I guess this is the serial number - 1014784. What does that tell us?
  4. :D Hiya. I'm brand new to the forum, and not that great at online forums. BUT a friend just told me that my ole red electric is a Wilshire and worth Big Bux, and I was wondering how one can tell its age, whether it's a true Epiphone Wilshire, and how to value this thing? I lost my job yet again and my playing out doesn't seem to be going anywhere in terms of income, so , well, it really felt like very good news. I'm considering selling it, even though I bought it from a friend way back in about 1985. FOR A SONG. :D/ And I was looking at that same friend's recommendation, Gruhn Guitars in Nashville to buy it. THEY do appraisals, but I feel that couldn't be trustworthy. I'd feel stupid getting an appraisal from the folks who'd be buying it. What say you, about the authenticity, and an honest appraisal? Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland... Thanks for being here, folks:-({|=
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