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  1. Thomann are good but Woodbrass are worth a look too, cheaper than Thomann on most Epi's http://en.woodbrass.com/index.php as it's already been said, DV247 will match any European price..... GAK will also match, I have just ordered a Sheraton and a Vox AC4TV from GAK for £510, free delivery and 10 months interest free. -Chris,
  2. I think i'm swinging more to the natural, Yosephroth, yours looks beautiful. If i could find one there the burst following the shape of the body, I'm not sure if they still do this do they? -Chris,
  3. Ok, I've decided to pull the trigger and opt for a sherri, been offered a really good deal with a Vox ac4tv from my local dealer, so the question is, Sunburst or Natural? opinions please, also, pictures of anyone with these would be awesome, to feed my GAS if nothing else..... -Chris.
  4. So then, the 57's that the dot deluxe has arnt as good as the genuine 57's is that right? also what is the general consensus about the dot deluxe? is it actually any good? -Chris.
  5. New To Strats wrote: I mailed Gibson also and they came back saying they are Gibson 57's that come with the Dot Deluxe......... any thoughts? -Chris,
  6. so then, how do the epi 57 classics measure up to the normal epi humms? and the gibby 57s? good? bad? indifferent? -Chris.
  7. what is the difference between the two? Is it just the 'bling' or is there more to it? I have seen a deluxe on the net for £250 which i think is a great price, or pound for pound would i be better saving for a sheri? -Chris.
  8. I've been waiting since late may for my case and still gigging it in a now rather tatty box. I have had the same response from my local dealer and I have called every epiphone dealer in the UK that I have been able to get a number for and there is non in stock. I mailed epiphone direct and the reply that I got was that basically I need to be patient and that they themselves are dont know when they are going to be ready. I must admit, I havnt had a look at a thunderbird case, but all the other cases come no where near....... -Chris.
  9. I was thinking of buying either a Casino or a Lucille. I know that they are 2 very different guitars but love the sound of them both. they were both the same price, £449, and I would have to order the Lucille, which I dont mind, but I have lost a little faith in placing things on order as it's been nearly a year since I bought my Jack Casady and I'm still waiting for the case...its the same story for all of the UK....... I was looking on Thomann the other day and saw that they have the Casino available for £405.... My question is, should i go for the casino or order the lucy? it
  10. Beautiful, thanks Rich, i'll give it a go. sorry for my naivity, but the standard wiring i had in before was where you could control the vol of each pup when in the middle possition, is that not normal? -Chris,.
  11. riiiiiiiight, so if i wanted both pups indipendant of each other when in the middle possition, what ammendments would i need to do? -Chris.
  12. sorry, but I dont think that I was as clear as I could have been, when the switch is in the middle, if I turn the bridge volume down, it turns both pickups down and the same goes for the neck volume. so I need to have both volumes at full for me to use both pickups. If i have one volume knob at say 4, and the other at 10 both pups are at volume 4. and thats the same for both knobs. the volume seems to be set by the knob which is at the lowest volume, however, if i have the neck or the bridge pup selected by the switch, this works perfectly I hope that this makes sence to
  13. the schematic i used was this http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_2v_2t_3w and i followed it to the letter, or so I thought, I'll get pics up once I get home, if there's anything that I might have blatently done wrong please suggest it, -Chris.,
  14. I have had my 1st attempt at rewiring and I am very pleased with the results, however, I do have one problem, when the toggle is in the middle possition, both pups are active but the volumes are not indipendant of each other. its almost as if they're acting like a master volume for both pups. so in short, it doesnt matter which volume you turn up or down, it effects both pups, what have i done wrong? everything else works really well, any help is greatly appreciated, -Chris.
  15. ok, i have 2 humbuckers, and a volume and tone for each pickup, what wiring would you recomend and why? -Chris
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