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  1. this definately is an ouch but better than having a broken headstock best of luck.
  2. thanks for the link... the Disney bag were a bunch of presents for my neice's B-day.
  3. really? how can you read serial #'s off of a guitar? I would like to know if theres a system or place you can go online.
  4. I got this Guitar from my cousin for $175 I cant find any info on it. can anyone help or know where when they were made or know anything about this?
  5. thanks. I posted in Craigslist of Los Angeles that I'm looking for one. I almsot had one... I got an email saying they have a friend trying to get rid of it but had already sold it a few days before to another close friend...shame I couldnt get my hands on that.
  6. yeah I've been looking for the past couple of weeks but havent had any luck. if you find one in your area would it be possible to let me know?
  7. Hey Guys I'm new to the Forum and The only reason why I joined was because I'm looking to buy an Epiphone SG-310 Junior with P-90 single pickup. Any suggestions other than ebay (there isnt any for sale at the moment) to find one or know of anyone thats selling one?
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