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  1. HER NAME IS ABBY >_< and thanks guys for all the responses. helped alot.
  2. no not avon in the uk. avon in indiana (usa). and dont worry i wont sell her. shes all minez now, muahahahhaahaaaaaaa. i will do things to her that no 1 will ever do to her. ROCK THE HELL OUT WOOO!!!!! (lol you pervert you were thinking dirty XD )
  3. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol. na its not betsy. its abby . her name will be abby
  4. betsy, no lol im kidding, i dont know if i will name her but we shall see =p
  5. im not looking for it to gain any value. just making sure i wasnt ripped off.
  6. isnt there somewere i could look up my serial number and see were it was made/how much the first owner payed for it or somthing? thanks for all the replys
  7. its ok if it dosent go up in price. i plan on playing this guitar and passing it on to someone else. (possibly child/friend/nephew) and if i get gibson pickups im sure i can get some real tone out of this. the weight and body style is the same, so i dont see why i couldnt get a good tone out of this.
  8. yea but i still wanna know how much these bad boys go for. but im definatly happy with it. i used to have a epiphone special. it wasnt the greatest piece of work but i delt with it. this is a big step up for me when i first saw this baby i was like man i gotta get that. plays soooooo much better then my old crapy special. i sold my special for 150 (lol brand new its 160) XD special also has buzz problems and nicks and scratchs lol
  9. oh no i definatly baught her to enjoy and play for for the years to come. and i dont plan on selling her at all. i just want to know if i got a good deal, or if i was ripped off. i got her off craigslist so i wasnt sure.
  10. i did post pictures. here is link http://img36.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img0524p.jpg
  11. really thats it? i thought it would be a bit more are you sure its only 300? can any 1 else confirm?
  12. hello, im new to this and i would like to know if i got a good deal on a epiphone les paul standard i just bought. and were it was made. the serial number is 1961278 it is a 1996 model. 1 sticker on back says lp standard. another says "HS" and another says "CE". can anyone help me? p.s. i bought it for 200. its sunburst color with chrome hardware. it is in PERFECT condition. not a single dent or scratch or paint lost. thanks in advance for your help peepz :D/ :D/ :D/ edit: here is link to pictures http://img36.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img0524p.jpg
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