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  1. I just bought a very nice 2009 Epiphone Custom SG in a burl finish. What was the cost new and what are the pickups in those ?
  2. I really like the game. The only thing i disliked is the tuning issue. The first song i tried was " you really got me " and i broke the high e, as i was tuning it before playing the first note on that game.I kinda find a way to avoid tuning my guitar everytime i switch song. I have 4 electric guitar including my daughter pink squier strat. Everyone is setup differently for the song i usually play. Work just perfect. I found a way to play bass even if i don't have a bass. I plug my digitech rp255 pedal and simulate a bass, so the game think i have a real bass. My daughter start to learn bass at school so she practice on the game without the real bass at home.
  3. I agree. My selector switch failed within a year of normal use on a brand new epi. Bought a switchcraft. Work real good after 3 years. I also installed Gibson 490R/498T pickups. Happy with the mod i did so far.
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