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  1. I just bought a very nice 2009 Epiphone Custom SG in a burl finish. What was the cost new and what are the pickups in those ?
  2. I have two epiphone standard that i upgraded with gibson pickups. One guitar has gibson 490r/498t and the other one has burstbucker pro on it. Love the sound they both have.
  3. Im not familiar with guitar parts but i know that in some years Corvette could have parts from 2 even 3 different years. It was very often they ran off of parts and would installed parts from the previous year or late model would ended with parts of the next year. If yours has the wrong cap it could be something that was made for different reasons and nobody care to notice to anyone. The worker who worked on your guitar may picked up the wrong one as he or she was installing pots and caps. If it´s an upgrade, i would not worry to much. If it´s a downgrade i would asked the dealer to fix it or
  4. I really like the game. The only thing i disliked is the tuning issue. The first song i tried was " you really got me " and i broke the high e, as i was tuning it before playing the first note on that game.I kinda find a way to avoid tuning my guitar everytime i switch song. I have 4 electric guitar including my daughter pink squier strat. Everyone is setup differently for the song i usually play. Work just perfect. I found a way to play bass even if i don't have a bass. I plug my digitech rp255 pedal and simulate a bass, so the game think i have a real bass. My daughter start to learn bass
  5. Thanks, works real good I will wait till i receive my grover tuner and my gotoh bridge from stewmac and will put new string on both Epi Les Paul to compare this one with bursbucker pro with my other one with 498t/490r. They will have both the same hardware on them . Just different pickups.
  6. I just bought a pair of burstbucker gibson with 4 wire and i would like to wire them like regular pickup. Witch of the red,white,green and black wire should i weld together. I have try the red and green but sound awful.
  7. Never heard of those Hv58 but i really like my 490r/498t on my Epi Les Paul Standard ebony. Just wanted something different.
  8. Nice '70. I've seen it on corvette forum before as im on that forum also. One thing about guitar is that is cheaper to hot rod them compare to old corvette. Dennis
  9. I heard good thing about those PS PAF. Those were on my list as well as the Gibson classic 57. I bought the burstbucker pro to try them this time but will consider the Parsons street for my next project.
  10. Just won a pair of burstbucker pro paf on ebay. Real cheap and like new. The same seller i got my 490r/498t a few years ago. Can't wait to try them.
  11. I just bought a second Le paul and want to upgraded with something different. I upgraded my first Les paul with 498t and 490r. I would like to have something different for my second one. I like to play blues and some hard rock.
  12. Beside my white guitar that i have for the last 27 years my corvette is the oldest thing i got. I have it for the last 23 years. Might let the wife go before my corvette. [biggrin]
  13. Thank you for your answer and for my corvette. So i have a better guitar now with my 490/498 pickups than with the utra. I might stick with mine because i really like it and it's the same color of my vette.
  14. I have a 08 les paul standard that i upgraded the pickups with 490/498 Gibson and a swichcraft togle switch. There's a '08 Les paul ultra ll for sale for $450. Is it worth the trade or i will only get the nanomag in bonus because mine is flawless. Do ultra's use the same pickups that were on my LesPaul originally ?
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