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  1. Emailed yesterday. Thanks.
  2. I am always wary of asking what could be stupid questions to to elite groups like this, but just let's say I am a bit lax in my knowledge of detail in modernish Gibsons. So here goes. I have just bought a 57 reissue,all gold hardware and with a bigsby. First off the serial number is 7 17## I was told that this was 2001. The case says Gibson art history. The pickups have "patent applied for" stickers on the underside. First off did Gibson make this model with a fitted Bigsby ? Is the guitar a custom reissue as opposed to a historic and what are the differences if any.
  3. I think Joe Bonamassa channels all the great blues/rock players so we might as well give up. Not that I like the guy though.
  4. Thanks for that Pippy. It looks like you definitely got the best of the bunch with those gorgeous flame tops. I think you are right,it is down to the individual guitar but it would appear that the new reissues are more consistent in the attention to detail, historic accuracy and quality control. Anyone selling a nice R0 with a thinner neck ?
  5. I am a recent convert to the Gibson LP R9 having bought a 2007 model which I cannot keep my hands off. I have been looking at a couple of nineties models, a 95 and a 99, and was wondering what the consensus of opinion was with regard to comparisons with the noughties models. Would I be better putting my funds in to more up to date models or is "older the better"?
  6. After destroying all my dad's 78 rpm records in a wardrobe scaling accident, the likes of Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller, Earl Bostic and tons of other priceless stuff. My father decided that the new vinyl 45 rpm singles were the way to go and collected quite a few. Being very young, around 6 years old I had not come to terms with the changeable speed function on the new hi fi system and I kept the speed setting on 78 rpm and played all the new 45 rpm records at the faster speed. most of which sounded rubbish....except for one. A record by a lady singer with the most alluring voice...the so
  7. I am no expert on Gibson manufacturing processes and I apologize for my misinformed comment on weight relief.I was under the impression that weight relieving and chambering was quite a new thing. That is the advantage of belonging to forums as there is always a wealth of information to be had.Cheers
  8. I don't believe weight relieving was done until well into the noughties. This bugger weighs in at over ten of your English pounds so no weight relief here. Indeed all the other appointments are commensurate with a "bog standard" Standard of the period.
  9. Not a brilliant picture captured with my phone but I think you can see it.
  10. I recently bought a very nice 1999 LP Standard in a plain top honeyburst finish. I set it up today and couldn't resist having a butchers under the hood. The neck pick up cavity had penciled "LP HB" which I think would mean Les Paul Honeyburst. But inside the bridge cavity was penciled, "LP 58". Does this mean perhaps that the body was originally destined to be a R8 ?. It is a very heavy guitar and possibly too heavy for it to be made into an R8. I don't know, does anyone have an idea ?
  11. What particularly enrages me is some overweight baboon in strange fancy dress consisting of trousers of an insufficient length revealing bare calves tattooed like an aboriginal, a curry stained T shirt and some strange beaded head wear. He usually begins his video with "Hey whassup Youtube" then goes on to talk for two thirds of the video about this "aahsome" sounding amp, displaying his complete ignorance of...well anything. If you have the patience to endure this verbal effluvia he then proceeds to play some bad blues on the overdrive channel until he obviously makes a mistake and edi
  12. Thanks Farnsbarns, I was getting a little worried there.
  13. Thanks for you replies chaps. I have just noticed what looks like a little overspray at the neck joint. Is this common ?
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