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  1. As I explained in another post I recently bought a epi les paul ultra and loved it......in fact I loved it so much I bought a 56 gold top......think these are discontinued now. While I love the playability etc......the p90,s dont do it for me. Can anyone suggest some replacements with a bit more.."chug"........
  2. Hi guys newbie here, and newbie to Epiphones. Have always played telecasters in various shapes and forms. I came into some cash recently and decided to buy a Gibson les paul studio. I tried 2 studios in the store and although ok I expected more from a gibson8-[ I then spotted beautiful looking cherryburst? les paul and asked to play it.......turned out to be an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra.....not the new nanomeg one the original. Mother of God when I played it i fell in love........such a warm sounding guitar and so light to boot. Store owner informed me it was Chambered......
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