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  1. Forestabri, Thanks for the review on your new 2013 SG Standard. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, and was very disappointed with it. It had a small gouge on the side of the neck, just above the neck joint. There was also a blemish on the top right-hand side of the headstock. It was on the tip of the point of the right arch, and it looked like it someone filed down the wood. Needless to say, I returned the guitar and got another one. The second one was a disappointment as well. The wood on the fretboard was really dry, and the nut was cut badly. When I played the low E string, it made a dull "pingy" kind of sound. My understanding is that the low E string should just rest on the nut groove, but several of the nut grooves were cut much too deep. Also, the nut itself looked like it had been "melted" a bit on the edge just next to the high E string. Needless to say, I returned that one as well. I know I'm probably being too picky, but when you see and hear those kinds of issues with a brand name guitar that costs over a thousand dollars, then it's just not worth keeping. I'm very disappointed, as I've always wanted a Gibson SG Standard and have read so many good things about the 2013 model. I decided to use the money toward a 2012 Fender Stratocaster HSS with maple neck. I've always been a Fender guy anyway. Sorry, Gibson!
  2. Forestabri, FYI, Sweetwater has pictures on their website of the SGs that they now have in stock in their warehouse. Each guitar has a serial number, so you can take a look at each one, decide which one you like, and request that your salesman set that one aside for you. I did that a few minutes ago. Just wanted to let you know this, so you can actually pick one out yourself. :)
  3. Thanks, Forestabri. My Sweetwater salesman called me a little while ago to inform me that my '13 SG Standard arrived at their warehouse and is going to be shipped out to me today. I should get it by Thursday. I'll post a review on here once I get a chance to play it. Have a good one!
  4. Forestabri, I guess "discounts" on Sweetwater merchandise vary from salesman to salesman. You might want to check Guitar Center and see what promos they're offering right now. A friend of mine has a Gibson Flying V on order with Sweetwater, and they were able to price match with a current promo that Guitar Center is running on their website. As a consumer, I'm a stickler for price matching, and will exhaust every available resource until I can find the best possible deal.
  5. Forestabri, Glad to hear that you also ordered the 2013 Gibson SG Standard from Sweetwater. I have had one on order (heritage cherry) with them for a couple of months now. Apparently, they are supposed to get the heritage cherry SGs in sometime during the week of March 3rd, but I'm sure that could change. BTW, you might want to check with your salesman on price matching. Mine was able to get me the 2013 SG Standard new for $1,104.00. I called Musician's Friend a few weeks ago, and the customer service rep told me he could sell me a new one for that price. When I confirmed this with my Sweetwater salesman via email, he did the price match. That's one of the many things I love about Sweetwater.
  6. Catatonick, Congrats on the new SG! Musician's Friend recently offered me a really good deal on one in the heritage cherry finish, which they have in stock, but I decided to keep my order open with Sweetwater. They won't get them in until the first week of March, though. I wonder why Musician's Friend has them in stock now and so many other guitar retailers don't.
  7. troysgguy, I'm also cautious about ordering guitars online without actually playing them first, but have never had an issue with Sweetwater. I have ordered three guitars from them, and they were all in excellent condition when I received them. If you want the name of the guy I order from, I can send you a PM.
  8. troysgguy, Yes, Guitar Center and Sweetwater get Gibson guitars from the same place. It's what happens to the guitars after they get them that varies a bit. Again, I don't mean to talk trash about a company, but I think Sweetwater does a much more thorough job of inspecting the guitars they receive before they ship them out to their customers. That's just my opinion, and I certainly don't speak for anyone else. I wouldn't say that the guitars at the actual Guitar Center stores are of lesser quality. I just feel that the store in my area does not take good care of the ones they have hanging on their wall. For example, they recently got in a brand new Epiphone Ace Frehley Budakon Les Paul. I was extremely tempted to buy it, but after inspecting it closely, I discovered that there was a crack on the left side of the neck on the edge of the nut. On top of that, the guitar was on sale at full retail price, which I thought was crazy. I showed the damaged neck to one of the salesmen, and he didn't seem overly concerned about it. Unfortunately, I've lost confidence in Guitar Center's quality control process and in the way some of their staff members treat customers and the merchandise in their stores. I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack for saying all of this, but you asked. :) ********************************************************************* rjames, I did realize you were asking about a standard, but thought this was a good topic to state my case and learn a little from people with more experience. So educate me. Doesn't Sweetwater and Guitar Center get there Gibson guitars from the same place? I realize the one I purchased was a floor model, but find it hard to believe that the problem came from anywhere, but the factory. Also, since I have only been taking lesson for a little over a year, I figured guitars just under $1000. should be of adequate quality for my skill level. Are Guitar Center Guitars of lesser quality or do you mean they just get beat on as demos?
  9. troysgguy, Although the 2013 SG '60s tribute isn't the same as the 2013 Standard, I appreciate the feedback. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but you get what you pay for with Guitar Center. The Guitar Center in my area is the worst guitar store I've ever been in. They do not take care of their guitars, and half the time I demo a new one, it's damaged in some way. I ordered a Les Paul Studio from them a few years ago, and ran into similar QC issues like the one you described. Needless to say, I had to return two of them until I finally got one that was alright. My 2013 Gibson SG Standard is on order with Sweetwater. I know I shouldn't trash a guitar retailer and endorse another, but I will never buy music gear from anyone else other than Sweetwater from now on.
  10. I'd really like to get some feedback from folks who already have the 2013 SG Standard. I have one on order (my first Gibson SG!), but am not sure when I'll get it. Apparently, there are shipping delays on Gibson's part. I've read that the 2013 SG Standard is similar to the '61 reissue. I'm curious as to what the similarities and differences are between the two models. Also, does the 2013 model stay in tune well? A friend of mine had a 2011 SG Standard, and it never stayed in tune, so he ended up selling it.
  11. All, Thanks so much for the replies. I think I'm going to wait to see how things pan out with the SG Std before I make any mods. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't have any tuning issues, but it looks like most people are really pleased with the 2013 model so far.
  12. Thanks, DiamondJig. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I love the stock Kluson "tulip" tuners that come with the SG Standard, which give it a "classic" look. I'd hate to have to change them out due to tuning issues, but I'll have to cross that bridge once I get the guitar in my hands.
  13. All, I have a 2013 Gibson SG Standard on order with Sweetwater. A friend of mine had the SG Standard a couple of years ago and recommends that I swap out the stock Kluson tuners for locking Grover tuners (these: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/106C/). Apparently, he had a lot of problems keeping his SG in tune during gigs, which has me concerned about my future SG. What are your thoughts on this upgrade? Is it worth it, or should I just take my chances with the stock Kluson tuners on the 2013 model?
  14. All, Just wanted to share that I ordered the 2013 Gibson SG Standard in heritage cherry. I've read that the 2013 model is similar to the 1961 model. I was hoping some folks who already own the 2013 SG Standard could share their thoughts on it (e.g., pros/cons). Also, what makes the 2013 model different from previous year models? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  15. Thanks, kidblast. I agree that no guitar is perfect out of the box. I'm already prepared to spend the extra money for a good setup, and possibly a higher quality nut. I usually order guitars from Sweetwater, and they always do a great job of inspecting them before they ship them out. I've decided to get a Gibson SG Standard with the coil-tapping feature, so hopefully my POC at Sweetwater will be able to get one for me. If he's able to get one, I'm definitely going to make sure their quality control folks inspect the nut, tuning machines, bridge, etc. thoroughly before shipping the guitar.
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