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  1. Hi Ethan, I haven't played the Prophecy Futura but if I remember correctly these are no longer made. I played a Marcus Hernderson Apparition signature model and I only wish I had money at the time. It played really well. The Prophecy Futura is very similar but I think that these guitars just didn't have the success they should have had. Now vs the Gibson, well, one has a Floyd Rose and Active Pickups whilst the Gibson does not. It's really up to what your friend likes.
  2. I don't think you understand. If it was a 1960 LP Standard, it would have been made in China in the Quingdao Plant. If it is a 2003 it won't be a 1960 Standard.
  3. Finally Dr. Will Jones announced the Epi LP Matt Heafy Signature. Now where's the 7-string version of that? I want one
  4. You do have a point. Well, for your reference there's this chart that shows (more or less and not totally accurate, I think) the relative pickup output for Gibson pickups. I hope that it helps a little.
  5. Well, I'll try to tell you what they sound like to me but probably someone else will tell you something completely different. Anyway, I have the SD Alnico 2 Pro on an Epi LP Goltop and Burstbuckers 2 (neck) and 3 (bridge) on my Epi LP 1959 Standard. The SDs sound bluesy, with a warm neck pickup, particularly clean. The bridge is not very hot. With my amp and on the dirty channel, I actually turn the gain quite low and you get nice blues tones as well as nice classic rock tones. And, dare I say it, some kind of Slash tone as well. Well, it gets you close anyway. The Burstbuckers are different. I feel that the BB3 is hotter than the SDs and handles distortionn better. Well, it sounds more articulate and better defined to my ear. As for the BB2 is also nice and warm, perhaps the range of sound slightly more balanced than the SD. I think that when using the volume knob a lot, like I do, it ranges from very nice cleans to jazzy cleans to light blues and then they can handle a bit more distortion. I guess that it'll depend on what you prefer. I like hotter pickups than these like the 490T and 498R or the SDs Custom 5 for example. Of course, I also like the EMG 85/81 combo Hope it helps but I would really suggest trying these pickups for yourself so that you can hear yourself play them. You can then decide a little better what suits you and your own sound better.
  6. [drool] [drool] [drool] Nice "wall" of Marshalls!! And very nice Crestwood! HNGD!
  7. Differences? http://youtu.be/rzM9dvV-VJU
  8. Maybe this will help... or not... either way, here it is:
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. In order for us to be able to help you, you need to show us additional photos from your guitar as the one you are showing isn't enough to determine whether it is a real or fake Epiphone. By the way, I have one and it is a fantastic guitar.
  10. Xaj


    HNGD! That looks hot!
  11. Don't touch that one either! The EE is too large. It should be the same size as all the numbers in the serial. And the knobs... they don't look right to me either. Compare with this one:
  12. I don't know if there's a forum but I have a friend who lives in Hong Kong and, though he is not interested at all in guitars, I asked him whether he knew of a place in Hong Kong with good prices for guitars. He then asked a colleague of his and then came back to me. Anyway, your approach through MF should be good. There are other members on here that do the same. And the guitars would be within your budget. Good luck, mate.
  13. I agree. I have never heard of a Nouveau series, though that's not to say that there wasn't one... But it looks very close to the Emperor Regent except for the tailpiece.
  14. That is very expensive. Certainly the US comes much cheaper than that. I can only say that, yes, the LP Standard will do nicely, especially for the Slash stuff. I think that, from all the guitars you have mentioned, the LP will do the trick. By the way, did you see these prices at Tom Lee Music? It seems that it is recommended by most people in Hong Kong.
  15. Welcome to the forum Rinooo. I may be able to help but as with everything else, it'll come down to personal preference. I'd say go for the Les Paul but not the plain top. The LP Prophecy will offer so much more for what you are looking for. These guitars have upgraded electronics and pickups which would be better postioned for metal. In the case of the Prophecy LPs, one has Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups (until the new one hits the stores) and EMG 85/81 (active). Both will do quite nicely, but if you are into Slash and RR I'd go for the Prophecy LP GX with the Dirty Fingers pickups. They are hot pickups and through a good amp it'll sound killer. If you opt for the EX, the EMGs are very cool for metal but they clean up nicely. Do bear in mind that you may find some EX and GX out there still, though they have been discontinued. However, you will eventually need to consider your amp, whether it cooresponds to what you are looking for sound-wise. Laney do some pretty good amps but I am not familiar with their Tube emulating technology. If you are happy, that's all that matters. The Prophecy LPs I mentioned have been discontinued, much to many people's disapointment as they were simply brilliant, especially the GX. However, the new line has its appeal as well. The new GX will have Gibson's 490R and 498T pickups which will perform very well for the type of music you want to play. As a final note, the Tribute, 1960 and 1959 LPs are simply brilliant as per Brian's link. If you are looking for that classic LP tone, with Gibson electronics and pickups, at a fraction of the price of a Gibson LP R8, R9 or R0, then these are it. So, go out there, play some guitars, check them all out and then buy the one that better adjusts to you. Best of luck and hope this helped. Cheers.
  16. Steve, take a look at Thomann. You could save 2OO quid.
  17. I think that she looks legit and she does look good. Good deal HNGD!
  18. There were no solid colours in the last release as you say. In fact, and if you do check the link to the Epiphonewiki, the Nighthawk Custom Reissue had only bursts and transparent colours. Please, do get your facts straight.
  19. Welcome to the forum Rob. I have active EMGs on my guitars as you can see in my sig and I can tell you that you have a fine guitar. Put it this way, if you want to play metal, the passive EMGs that you have will do fine. It's more about the amp than the pickups. But is the ZW LP Plus worth the extra money? That's really up to you. If you were to upgrade the pickups, at Thomann they cost £123. In addition, the guitar does come with an ebony fretboard. That would be more expensive. Personally, I wouldn't care. You have a fine guitar and the proof of that is that Zakk Wilde played with one like yours and sounds just like he does anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYMupc564zE
  20. Ian, Rob (Rastus) says he buys his guitars from the US (I'm not sure but I think that he may have mentioned that MF do deliver them in Oz). That may be one way to save some money and still be able to get the guitar you would like. Maybe he'll see this and post or you can always PM him and ask him about it. He'll be able to also tell you how the customs tax work in that regard. In any case, the guys here are always happy to help
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