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  1. The IBJL is def. worth the extra money!
  2. Hey all, just a quick question about Casino tuners. I have an IBJL Sunburst Casino and for all the talk folks do about mods and upgrades, there's nothing about this guitar I'd change EXCEPT maybe the tuners. I just seem to have to tweak the tuning a little more than I'd like, compared to my strat, for instance, which has real Kluson's. SO, my question is: Are the Kluson's from the Kluson product page here: http://www.kluson.com/PRODUCTS.htm at the top left, product number SD9005MN | NICKEL | a straight drop in replacement? Like no drilling or whatever? I could see dropping the $60.00 for these. Thanks.
  3. Thanks everyone!!! Funny, I get a lot of Talking Heads comparisons (not that I mind!!) but I never hear it or am conscious of it. I liked the song as a piece anyways but I was thrilled with the way the Casino sounded in it. Thanks again for all the kind words... Michael.
  4. It's in my music player on the right hand side of my blog page HERE. It's called Kat Seraphine, it's a little different with kind of an eastern influence but all the guitars are my Casino...
  5. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=11079
  6. I've got cleartones on mine and not sure I'm sold on them. Plus they're expensive. I like the idea of half-rounds, that sounds like a good option. 10-46 is what the Casino ships with as well...
  7. I have an old (80's) Tokai overdrive I like, but I actually get the same effect turning up the gain on my blues jr. I also have a little big muff pie which is cool sometimes and lately I've resurrected my Boss GT-8 through my blues jr., turning off the speaker sims and trying different things with it.
  8. You probably didn't need to flip your bridge around. Buzz can be caused by LOTS of different things, and Casino's buzz a little at the bridge because of the saddle retaining wire anyways, so that may be what's causing it. My new IBJL had a couple of loose frets from the factory. If you're in Toronto, find a good guitar tech, there will be quite a few there. Go to Long&McQuade downtown and ask them who they use. Don't even try yourself if you don't have a lot of experience. It won't be much $$$ and it will get fixed and setup properly. And welcome to the forums... And post pics...
  9. I think the f-holes look better unpainted on the naturals, my sunburst casino has the black trim, but it's done well and I prefer it painted on the sb.
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