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  1. You can do this. Worked for me. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=14233
  2. So, replacing R22 would be more for 6V6's lifespan, correct? thanks
  3. Jaydodge, So, Replace the 10 watt 250 ohm to a 680 or 1K 10 watt (R22)? Are the Valve Seniors biased too high? Stock?
  4. Has anyone tried 6L6's in the Valve Senior? I have no idea if it can be done. Just asking.
  5. When I think of static, I think either a tube possibly dying, or a Cap or resisitor charging . My old Tweed amps and blackface amps do this when I have not played them in a long time. Leave the amp on for a couple of hours. If the static is is still happening, tap the hot tubes with a chop stick. That will lead you to a faulty tube. Hope this helps.
  6. I have been using a Visual Sound Open Road and Son of Hyde pedals with two Epi extention cabs. Sound's fine to me!
  7. A low watt celestion (greenback) will give more mid-range and quicker break-up. Can I have your Lady Luck when you replace it? haha
  8. I have done two rehearsals, and two gigs with this set up. I am ready to sell off my other amps (maybe not all of them). This Valve Senior set up, has proved its self.
  9. The ceiling fan in the room I was playing my amp was causing my Valve senior to crackle. Thought it was my pedalboard. After a few minutes of deducting, I turned the fan off.......crackle gone.
  10. No. Just two speaker cables. One cable out of the amp, and another cable out of the cabinet to the second cabinet. That would make it an eight ohm load, out of the amp.
  11. I switched out the Pre's. V1=Mullard, V2=JJ, V3=JJ 12AT7. The biggest change....The gain. Not input gain, but the overdrive. A little cleaner.
  12. Yeah, I am using two VJ cabinets (16ohm each). With both cabs plugged in, I would use 8ohm out of the Amp. Just a single VJ cab, I would plug into the 16ohm out of the amp.
  13. Thank you. Here are the pic's. This would be parellel, Correct?
  14. I am pretty sure it is Parallel. Grounds to grounds, Hot to hots. How do I post pic's?
  15. OK....I just finished. Drilled to the right of the original jack, right on the circled "PSE", with a unibit. Used two Switchcraft jacks, soldering the two ground lugs and ground wire together. Sounds nice with separation between the two VJ cabs. Cannot wait to gig with this set up.
  16. I had been using a Repro Bassman 2X12 w/ Mojo Greenbacks. Great Cabinet! But, I had a lot of fun gigging with a VJ cabinet the other night. So, I bought another VJ Cab.
  17. Ditto...Plus the Valve Senior yearly convention should be schedualed in Las Vegas, the same weekend as the Porn Awards. Kidding....................not......
  18. I am just about to add a jack. Just curious as to where everyone is placing it? I was think of placing it to the right of the first jack.....I know it does not really matter, just curious.
  19. I am down. Love this amp. Ready to mod the crap out of it. Just bought my second 1X12 cab. Gigging is a blast with it.
  20. I have had my Valve Senior for about four months. I have gigged with it quite a few times. Plenty loud for.....well....anywhere. I have been using a 2x12 cabinet. But, Just got a Epi 1X12. I was quite impressed. I think I may buy another.
  21. So, Does the So Cal and the Blues Custom have the same pre amp? Would that mean I can try the BC30 mods on the So Cal?
  22. I have gigged twice and rehearsed with my Valve Senior. Volume is not a problem. A 2X12 cabinet would project you even more. I keep the amp clean and loud and use my pedals for dirt and drive. Cool amp. Reverb suck's, but I don't need it.
  23. I have replaced the reverb tank with a Accutronics. I do not hear any change. There must be a way to add a mini pot to control the dwell. ?
  24. Ok, Who has messed with the Valve Senior, Yet? How about Tubes? Anyone try any different tubes that resulted in a custom morphing to boutique heaven? Anyone change out any Caps or Resistors with results that turn your Senior into a $10K tone to die for? Does upgrading the Cap's make a difference? I gigged with my Senior a few times the past couple of weeks. Sounded fine, as is. But, I purchased this to mess with. I have replaced the tank with an Accutronics, but does not seem to help.
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