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  1. I finally got the chance to use the amp. It worked so well, I am gigging with it for now on. Did everything I needed it to do. I did change out the reverb tank to a Accutronics Type 8, but did not change the over the top dwell. Not a big deal. I do not really need reverb. If I could change anything, it would be the brightness. But, Just a slight turn of the treble works fine. I have not even changed out any of the original tubes. The Valve Senior worked very well with all of my pedals, even my home brew pedals.
  2. Has anyone modded the overdive channel on this SoCal 50. It seems like it has so much potential. Is the a list of verified mods for this amp?
  3. I got my Senior Friday. I have been playing it all weekend long. I gig a Mojo Marshall 18 watt clone I built. I must say, This Valve Senior is very good for the $$. I agree, The reverb is unusable. I like the fact that this amp enables you to mix between the gain and Master. I am finding many different tonal options. I cannot wait to see what kind of mods pop up. But, I am fine with the way it sounds, as is.
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