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  1. Mine has no finish cracks on the sides, yet (KOW) but it has developed some hairline cracks in the white paint just below the binding on the fretboard. After closer inspection what I discovered is that the paint line overlaps the binding just a bit and the crack is developing along the line where the binding meets the wood of the neck under the paint. It appears it is a finite issue, limited to the few spots where they masked the paint line above the binding just a hair. It's not noticeable unless you look very close at the sides of the neck and it doesn't effect playability at all but an a
  2. Nice looking bridge Garth, glad you got it to finally stay in tune. I am impressed at how reasonably priced those bridges are for as well put-together as they look. Just my lucky stars I guess but AL-124 is very stable on tuning in her stock form, so knock-on-wood I won't need to replace my bridge. Actually, she stays in tune better than most Gibsons I've owned except the Axcess. On a related note, Rush has a new compilation CD/DVD set available, "Retrospective III" out. I don't have it yet but there is a one-hour piece called "Box Set" highlighting the new release that is playing on V
  3. I just love how my gunmetal gray Axcess plays and sounds, but as much as I like the dark gray color I just couldn't warm up to the overall cosmetic look of this guitar. I think Gibson chose poorly on the look of this guitar, which would explain why the gray ones don't appear to be selling very fast like the ice-teas. So I put nickel PUP covers on, and swapped out the pickup rings and toggle switch ring for black ones and exchanged the gold top-hat knobs for black speed knobs. I also replaced the white plastic jack plate with a chrome metal one. BIG improvement IMO. It's sort of a Custo
  4. I dunno, It's such a personal thing when picking a Gibson and deciding how much money it's worth to bring it home. They're all too expensive if you ask me, just my luck I like them so much. They are so inconsistent that you need to play many of them to see if they've really got the mojo you like. Then if it does, deal with whether it's a $2,500 model or $5,000 + job. I've only ever owned one R9, an 06 model, and I loved it dearly but I was afraid to mess with it because of how much it cost. The guitar was just sweet. It felt incredible to hold, perfectly balanced and vibrant. It just
  5. I don't think the stop-tails will be limited. Local GC has several in stock already.
  6. FYI I was at local GC today and they had just received a few Axcess stop-tails, iced-teas. Still no sight of the Customs other than the one-off I briefly saw months ago.
  7. FYI I ran across some clips on Youtube of an excellent Rush tribute doing some classic tunes at rehearsal, sadly it seems they are losing their "Geddy" to a job move. The guitar player is playing what appears to be the AL-355, but a little fuzzy so can't be sure if it is an AL or a similar look-alike. Search "deadbeatdad rush" and you'll find the clips. Anyone here in that band or know who the guitar player is? They are one of the best Rush tributes I've seen on the net, very authentic sounding.
  8. Sorry my "post" button triggered pre-maturely. Meant to finish by saying that would be an enlightening experience.
  9. Thanks for posting this Crappy, Obviously the AL didn't get quite the same attention to design detail as the Clapton but this is a very cool video that I've never seen before. Watching this, it makes it even more puzzling how the volute on the AL was made the way it was, it seems almost impossible that such a major difference from the original could be missed when so many people are checking the feel and profile of the neck during the manufacturing process. The video is from 2006, but surely some or all of those folks must still work at Gibson Custom Shop and I'll bet at least several of the
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