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  1. I am new to this method but I like the spank that the guitar gets with it.
  2. Ok, here is my two cents. I bought a brand new Gibson 339 from Guitar Center in 2010. I think it was a 2007 model and it still had the custom shop logo on the back. It was my music college guitar and even though I took care of it, playing it everyday during college, wore it down. The guitar was never that stable, I had a lot of tunning problems. The guitar brought 10's and I put 11's on it. After a while I put 12's (wound third). I would take it for a setup and it would play like a dream. Two months later it was having the same problems again. I wasn't very careful with this guitar regarding humidity, which I should have been. When I tried to sell it in New York, they told me that the neck had twisted, this wasn't true, and ended up selling the guitar to another party after a setup. I regretted selling it. I loved my 339 even though I kinda fought with it. So after being unhappy with another guitar I bought and whcih I sold, I got me another 339, a 2014 memphis model. This time I made sure from the start, that I would only switch from 0.10's to 0.11's. I had it setup by this guy who was great. I asked three different luthiers if changing the nut would help the tunning stability and all of them told me not to bother. One of the luthiers wrapped the strings around the tailpiece, this gave the guitar more spank and the tunning was great, if you haven't tried this give it a try! Again, I have to stress the fact that I am using a wound third, that really helps. The strings that I am using are the D'addario Exl115w. It is of extreme importance that you learn how to tie your strings correctly to the post, and also stretch them. Also it is of my opinion that depending on how much you play, you have to change your strings when they loose their tension. If your neck isn't twisted, and your nut is good don't lose hope. What seemed to work for me was: Decide what string gauge to use. Check the nut Wrap around method on the tailpiece, Use a wound third If you live in a dry climate, buy a humidifier and a humigauge. Also, I would recommend taking your guitar to a place were they build them, instead of just a tech. If you have questions, let me know. I could show you two different methods that you could try to wrap your strings around your head stock. It is weird but I really think that the gibson headstock is the problem. I tried a mexican jazzmaster the other day at it was incredibly in tune and it was just lovely. I love my 339, I hope you fix it, if you do, it will be worth it. AM
  3. Hi Bernie, I saw the new models for 2015 yesterday and I thought they were cool. I used to own a Custom Shop 339 sunburst. The finish was great. I traded it for a guitar that I wasn't happy about and then sold that. So this year I bought a 2014 Black Satin 339 from Wildwood. I am so happy with it! The finish is "not as fancy" but I love how the Satin starts morphing as the guitar contacts with your body (a lot of playing, I clean it after every time I play). After a good setup I am so happy with it. I hope for 2015 they improve the setup "out of the box". I used to have so much intonation problems with the first one I had, but since then, I've learned a new method to put my strings that is working out perfectly. Also, I used to use 0.12's, now I use 0.11s. I see that they decided to go with Grover Tunners, thats all cool. Never tried the burst buckers. I don't know how I feel about the F inlay on the plastic truss rod cover. Can't wait to try them.
  4. Hello guys, It is the 1st of December, and here in Minnesota it was 2 degrees last night after I was done with my gig, (-16 Celcius). I bought a Gibson 339 (2014) from Wildwood. It is black and has a cool Satin Finish. Every time I take my guitar from the house to the car, or from the gig to the car it gets very cold. I try to minimize this by heating up the car, but sometimes I have to ride in a car that has no heating (my bandmates). How bad is this for the instrument? Should I prevent this at all cost? (It is a short ride usually on Sundays). I've been using a humidifier inside the house and it is a comfortable environment. I haven't bought a humidity gauge but what would you recommend? I am going back home to Guatemala in March, and I am worried about taking my guitar there because it is very humid. What should I expect? I want to prevent the neck from twisting. Also, the same goes for my Deluxe Reverb. Any suggestions? Thank you
  5. Thanks, I found one at Wildwood guitars. Has anyone worked with them?
  6. Hello Forum! I am very confused regarding this guitar: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JZK69YM/ref=s9_psimh_gw_p267_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1SGXCG9X5N3VE7S1CBBX&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1688200382&pf_rd_i=507846 Is it a costum shop? Is there a difference between Costum Shop 339 made in Memphis or just a Memphis 339? This is clearly not a Studio. I want to buy a new 339 for this price but I am scared that I'll get the wrong item through amazon. I've seen this item listed in a numerous other sites with the identical same picture. Can someone help? I am trying to get a Gibson 339 for this price, which is the best way to go? Also, has anyone got a guitar with this finish? Thanks for all your advice, Antonio
  7. I am a jazz player, I use my casino or my variax 500 through a line 6 flextone III plus amp. Amazing tones.
  8. Ok Thanks to everyone that helped. I bought this one. http://www.music123.com/Gator-GW-335-Laminated-Wood-Case-For-335-Guitar-546196-i1167645.Music123
  9. Hello again, just one quick question. Would this case --> http://www.amazon.com/Guardian-Vintage-Hardshell-Hollowbody-Electric/dp/B001BNRR88/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=musical-instruments&qid=1257389199&sr=8-5 fit my epiphone casino? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for your help. Thought there was a case specially for Casino, and saw the Archtop cases thinking in the Emperor, and fat bodies. Which one would you specially recommend?
  11. Hello, my name is Antonio Monterroso. I live in Guatemala, Central America and I bought a new Epi Casino two months ago. The guitar is gorgeous, I am pretty happy with it. The thing is that it is impossible to get a Casino Case here in my country. (the dealer brings the guitar but not the case). And you see, there are no 335 cases anywhere in Guatemala. That's a fact. In fact, the employees of the guitar stores don't even know whats a hollowbody guitar/335. So I've been trying to get a Epiphone Casino case online, tried Amazon and ordered one from this store called Brasswind and Woodwind that provides Amazon (never buy from them) and I found like 1 month later ( it was supposed to be shipped in a week) that its out of stock until who knows when. The item costs 89 USD. and I've been trying to find one, I checked the Guitar Center site and it says that they are out of stock but it arrives on the 6th of November. Same said in the Brasswind and Woodwind site and they simply don't know when its arriving. Checked other sites (music 123, musicians friend) and they appear to have all the Epiphone cases except the one suited for the Casino/sheraton/etc. I've been trying to find other cases (other brands) that can fit a casino and have found a Gator case for 335 style guitars that is 89 usd as well but out of stock. Found another case in Amazon that its 134 usd. (vintage horrible look and it takes 5 weeks to be shipped). I also have the problem that the item must be shiped to a P.O box in Miami. ( A lot of online stores do this but eBay for example don't). There is a soft case that its 34 usd, its in stock.. I am tired, I am a musician and my hard gigging season begins in December. I really need a case. Any good ideas? Help/ Thanks in Advance. Antonio Monterroso *They sell the guitars but I can't find a proper case. bad for the Epiphone business*
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