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  1. KDK, you might notice some changes after decades of regular playing, but probably not weeks. I do understand what you're saying, and yes, I have noticed that on my '83 HD-28, the resonance has increased, and it booms like a canon! Now it sounded good at purchase, but the tone has definitely changed over the years. As your OP mentioned, it is a spruce top, with a very thin and delicate nitro finish...sure sounds good too!
  2. Dulli, Jerry was not rude, but merely giving you the information you sought enough to ask. Jerry, I love the dinner remark, but not sure if the OP got it.
  3. You guys are goooood....oh, and howdy Scotland...welcome to the show.
  4. I agree with you cat, Carvin is made in USA, and has a lot of bang for the buck.
  5. Yeah, probably just "fat fingered" when he typed it.
  6. As Notes said, leave the Gibby at home, and take the Epi to the gig. If I were a pro, I'd buy some nice kits and build my own. Finish would be tung oil, or something that only needs an occasional touch of oil. Gigging/traveling is tough on instruments and cases...just the nature of the beast. And I agree, I wouldn't take any nice instrument on travel...they deserve better.
  7. Well, now that I've wiped up the drool from looking around, I'll add my one and only electric. '98 MIK Sherry-first shot, as I received it. Next shot, after changing out and upgrading everything:
  8. The first electric guitars were lap steels back in the 30's. Leo (Fender) supposedly used the same pups in his early telecasters that were installed in the lap steels of the 50's. I looked at these (Fender lap steels) for months, but never could get a "deal", so I got one of the Gretsch electromatics from a CL user. Let me tell ya, 40+ years of playing conventional guitar did nothing to help me learn this thing...whole different animal! I've had mine for about two months, and can finally play "Harbor Lights". Sounds pretty good played through my tube reverb and tube amp.
  9. I guess Chuck didn't like the varitone...he removed the knob!
  10. Welcome to the board! On my '98 Sherry, I replaced everything that touched the strings: Tuners, nut, bridge and tail stop I also replaced all pots, switch, and jack with a wired assy from fellow board member TWANG Then installed SD antiquities pups. Now it sounds like it should.
  11. TWANG, if you continue in this direction, someone is going to accuse you of being a "tube sniffer".
  12. If you're military, thanks for your service...freedom does not come free! FTC(SS)-Ret.
  13. Yep' date=' you nailed it Brian...what a marOON!
  14. As mentioned earlier, an el cheapo meter is fine for checking switches and pots. For measuring B+ in my home built tube amp, or probing anything that has the potential to hurt or kill me, only a Fluke will do.
  15. Yes, about once a year, when changing strings, I'll use 0000 steel wool (cover pickups with tape) to clean the fretboard and polish the frets. Then I use a small amount of the fretboard oil from stewmac, applied with a small, clean rag. After about 5 minutes, I'll wipe off any that hasn't been absorbed, then buff.
  16. Very nice indeed! Wish I could have heard it through the twin reverb.
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