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  1. There is an additional difference. The Hummingbird has a 24.75" scale. The Dove is 25.5" scale
  2. I checked up on the specs for the neck on this one. The radius is 15 or 16" and and the frets are medium. I prefer nothing flatter than a 12" radius and medium jumbo frets? My fret hand isn't the most adaptable thing there is. You should see the time I have with acoustic guitars.
  3. I would love to see them reissue that Sorrento with P90s again, and not just as a limited special edition.
  4. Epiphone is going in the right directions with the "Inspired by 1966 Century" guitar. Cousin of the Gibson ES125T. I'd like one inspired by the ES125TDC on the same platform with a 12" radius, 1 11/16 nut and medium jumbo frets.
  5. This is a really good complete demo of the guitar. It demonstrates the unique sounds you can get from it. If I didn't already have a hollowbody thinline style guitar with P90s,.....
  6. I have a Casino Coupe and am very happy with it. The size, the feel, the weight and the playability. The 339 size fits me like a glove. The Gibson version is an ES-390 (full hollow body like the Coupe) - way out of my price range. I was wondering what a mini-humbucker version would be like. There a Gibson ES-390 version with mini-humbuckers - also way out of my price range. If I picked up another Casino Coupe (preferably used), could mini-hums be installed with not too much damage? I haven't been able to find out anything about the pots in a Coupe. Would they be 250/300K like other singl
  7. Okay, I haven't been here for a really long time, but the Ultra 339, to be released around November or so, has REALLY has has caught my eye. Listing this on the Press Site and at NAMM 2011 before it's release around November 2011 is really unfair, almost torture. Being a person of meager means, this is a guitar that fits my deluxe noodling desires. Before this, I haven't met a Gibson ES339 I didn't like.
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