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  1. Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it. I just recently started using it (Valve Sr.) more than usual, (you know how it is when you have more than one amp) and I finally noticed the reverb issue that Ive heard folks talk about. I guess I'll look into that, and see what I can find.
  2. http://www.box.nhttp://www.box.net/files#/files/0/f/34845382/1/f_383894844et/files#/files/0/f/34845382/1/f_383894684[/img] Posted here, is an attempt gone bad that can't be reversed, or deleted.;) Well, there's my avatar over yonder!
  3. Judging by the response to my original post, allow me to clarify. First off, I didn't mean to scare anybody off, second, it is not my intention to mod this amp (Epi Valve Sr. Combo), but to find out what folk thought about it, thats all. You know...like comparing notes if you will. I had no idea the subject was "taboo", jeez!
  4. Actually, I've had my Valve Sr. combo for a few months now, and well.......it's kinda like buyin' a car, then noticing cars like yours more since you bought it. In this case you just don't hear much about them. I have no regrets when it comes to purchasing mine. As for the reverb, I can live with it.
  5. The Epi Valve Sr. 20 watt, 1x12 Combo! Why is it one doesn't hear much 'bout these amps? There's always talk about modding Valve Juniors, Blues Custom 30s, maybe the So-Cal 50H head an' all, but when it comes the the Valve Sr., it's like that amp is the "black sheep" of the family. What's up with that? Anybody have huge probs with 'em?
  6. I believe those were made from 1962-69, but most of the ones I've seen had two pickups. I can't see what kind of amp that is, 'cause it's all comfy in the corner. I'll venture to say it's a 30w, 1 x 12 Vibrolux maybe?
  7. Artec? Hmmm. Well, the pickups in mine where first to go. Next, it's electronics time!
  8. Speaking of pickups, what entity is responsible for the manufacture of Epiphone's pickups? I'll bet some of the better models actually have Gibson pickups in them, while the rest have some generic pickups that come from a loose assortment in a barrel in some corner of the factory, where blindfolded workers bob for 'em. Think so?
  9. Okay, here we go. Are the Grover tuners that come on the Epi Les Pauls the same as you would buy (like Grover -Trophy 102 Rotomatics) from MF or something?
  10. I agree with the 5 to 15 years thing. You know it's Les Paul Custom. Gotta have more info for sure.
  11. Check out Hamony Central. You might find out some helpful info on that amp. I remember seeing it around a while back when I was checking out some home tube amps (I wound up with a Valve Senior). I don't think it was around that long before it was discontinued.
  12. My nephew has a Epi Plain top he wants to "upgrade", and asked me about pickups. I have the same type of guitar that I put Gibson's '57 Classic and a Classic Plus in among other things. He wants the sound I have (or something close). He was asking if I knew about something more affordable. Well, he used the word cheap for real. I've heard alot about GFS pickups, and they've got a bunch to choose from. I picked out a couple for him (the "Classic II Alnico II" for the neck, & the "Vintage 59" Alnico V for the bridge). How good are GFS pickups?
  13. As far as I know, the 500Ts have more "umph" than an Alnico II 490T. I think (and I mean think) the "heavy one" would be the better choice of guitar. Some may differ, but that's cool, because I'm not absolutly sure. Just call myself sort of puttin' two and two together.JMHO.
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