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  1. Another thing about giving the mixed tracks to someone to master is Fresh Ears. If you're mixing you're listening to the tracks over & over & over. It's good to have an outside take on what has been recorded. Take your time when searching out someone to master your tracks. Mastering engineers are people too - they have certain characteristics. A band I was in had our disc mastered by one guy, and it sounded "professional" but overall it was just too sharp or bright for our liking. So we took the DAT to someone else & got a warmer finished product. Granted - we ended up shelling out alot more cash than we had budgetted for - but in the end we were happy w/ our decision. But as stated above - what's the "end purpose"? I have some great cd's from local bands that weren't professionally mastered.
  2. 15 - 20 minutes just about every morning w/ my coffee during the week. Then on the weekend I get to noodle around all I want.
  3. I'm a recent Reaper convert. Prior to changing operating systems (from pc to mac) I used Vegas. I really liked Vegas for it's simplicity and it always did a great job. I'm still learning reaper's quirks but I'm beginning to like it. I'm currently using it w/ a Tascam M-164 and so far - no problems at all.
  4. A friend of mine has a skylark - it's a cool lil' amp. Although I don't use it as often as I used to, I have a 2x12 built by CMI electronics for Gibson in the early-to-mid 70's... The SG-212. The "effects" channel on this thing is alot of whacky fun - nice spring reverb, overdrive is gritty (and kinda nasty) and the phaser is space-rock-o-riffic. I primarily used the clean ch. with a pedal or two though - not really a phaser type of guy. Anyhow, it's a hybrid amp tube & solid state.
  5. Hey bluesman ... Thanks! I agree that the dsp effect are a waste. I picked mine up second hand & when I was testing the amp I was playing a squire tele - it sounded great! Then at home I plugged in my '72 Tele Deluxe R.I. and it was mudd-o-riffic. I find it odd that the Valve Standard plays well w/ some guitars & so "lackluster" with others. Thanks for the eq tip. cgil ... wow - thanks for info. A few months ago I ran an extension speaker to test that speaker out. I noticed more clarity with the "external" speaker but thought I was just hearing a fuller wider sound due to two speakers working. Honestly I'm not an "amp-tinkerer" - I fear I'd blow something up trying to replace the output transformer. I know different amp makers go after different nuances, but why did Epiphone go so "low frequency" ... it seems odd to me.
  6. Just curious if the dark tones of the Valve Standard is typical or if mine has issues. The cheaper the guitar I play through it, the better the amp sounds. My guitars with a full rich tone sound like mud. I've eq'd the bass to zero, mid to about halfway & treble to max and still I got mud. The only work around is a pedal where I basically thin the guitar tone going into the amp. thoughts?
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