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  1. If Gibson Sold it, it would be 20k... LOL. Definitely a boutique item. Any more advise... I still cannot find a high res photo of the original. I thought that the auction house would actually have one, but nope. Anyone know of a high res photo floating out anywhere?
  2. Roman makes abeutful guitar! I wouls to make it myself. Would be fun. A lot of work.
  3. Awesome Picts! I guess my first inclination is to put regular Gibson Tuners on them. I have seen the tail piece added and deleted. I think clapton had a tunomatic and the tail piece was added later. Thanks for the pics!
  4. Hello Everyone, I would like to get everyone's opinion on my next guitar adventure. I am enamored by the Gibson SG Fool that Clapton played while he was in CREAM. I wanted to start off on my own guitar mod venture by trying to recreate that Gibson SG. I know this is a lofty proposition but it would be fun. I wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can find a couple things that would help me recreate it. 1) Hi Res Pictures of the actual FOOL SG or a damn good copy. 2) List of Colors used. color numbers or recommended color palettes. 3) Any advise on what Guitar I should use? Gibson Faded or Epiphone? 4) Preferred humbuckers for this guitar tone? 5) Preferred Tuners for this guitar? Here is an example: http://www.gbase.com/gear/vintage-icon-series-the-fool-repl-2008-reissu# http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XBS3sASwLlc/S_AeY9uHrRI/AAAAAAAAACU/OF2s7EgLr_4/s1600/todd%27s+SG.jpg I know alot of sites actually went through step by step on the "Fool" Creation process.
  5. Got an epiphone lp custom, 72 deluxe telecaster, John lennon casino. I heard strats have a learning, adjustment period. Like playing beatles, zeppelin,Hendrix, greenday, and John Mayer. Good comparison against the two brands. Neverthought of it that way. Thanks
  6. I have the opportunity to buy a fender custom shop strat or a Gibson LP standard. They are the same price and i would like to grab one. I feel like the custom shop will be a great investment. The gibson is pretty and will also keep it's value pretty good. I like playing both equally. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Narco!
  7. Hello Everyone, I was looking at the jimmy page les paul #2 documentation and I was totally confused. Can someone please explain to me the electronics and the purpose of the all the switches on this JP LP: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/Jimmy-Page-Number-Two-Les-Paul/Details.aspx what does reversing the phase mean and how does that affect tone. Has anyone ever tried to modding their epiphone LP to meet these specs? Just curious... BTW: Is there like a white paper or something that can tell me the real cost of Gibson LP? Breakdown of Hardware, Wood, Luthier cost per hour. I am not all that convinced that it is worth the HUGE markup. Just seeing if anyone did the analysis of this. Curious to see how much of a rip off these gibbys can be. Thanks, NR
  8. I have a cherry sunburst finish custom epi. pic in my avatar. Great guitar! I love it.... I think this the model I traced it back to: http://web.archive.org/web/20041208102557/epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=48&CollectionID=6 (Link is slow... its from the internet archive site. ) Thanks NR
  9. How about a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe? http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0213202000 Nice retro look. 2 input jacks and lots of cool features. (Like the fat swtich and bright knob.)
  10. Hello Everyone, I am in the market for an amp, and I am trying to stay under the $500 dollar limit. Here are my guitars: a) Epiphone LP IBJL Casino c) 72 Fender Telecaster Deluxe. Here is my criteria: 1) Flexibility: I really would like that authentic "Revolution" overdriven sound. In addition I would like to switch to a clean guitar for non rock. 2) Affordability: Like I said, I am trying to stay under the $500 limit. 3) Garage Band: I am mainly going to be using it in my garage for practice, but I might travel with it depending if I am able to get into a nice group. Alot of these tube amps are only good if the volume is at 11 and work ok if they are at 3. I am looking for ones that are comfortable with playing around the 3-4 volume range. ( I have kids that I dont want to wake.) 4) Tones Im looking for: Late Beatles (Sgt. Pepper and on...), Jimi, Lenny K, John Mayer, and some Creedence. (3/5 isnt that bad...) 5) Additional plus is if can be a FENDER! I love the vintage tweed series looks! BTW: anybody know of a good Lacie pedal? Also: is 699 a great price for a Fender Twin Amp? Place close to me that is selling one for 699. Thanks for your advise! _NARCO!
  11. Yea... I was just surprised that they were reproing it that way. Probably makes the guitar more susceptible to humidity or lack there of. Let me know if you guys heard any special care instructions. THanks, NARCO
  12. Hello Everyone, I had a tremendous amount of GAS and just got an EPI IBJL Casino (Natural). THat guitar is so nice and clean. My general questions is with regards to the lacquer. The lacquer on this particular casino is so fine, I can feel the lines of the wood underneath. Is that typical? I picked up the natural casino and that had a helluvva lot more lacquer on it. Just wondering if this was typical and are there any special care instructions for this guitar? In addtion how many IBJL casino players put the pickguard back on? I was thinking about it. -NARCO!
  13. Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone here knows what strings John Lennon used on his casino during his White Album, Abbey Road, and Let it be period. I am buying an IBJL Casino "Natural" and I would like to know if I could put the same string as he did. (If they still make them.) Thanks, NR
  14. Again... Great leads guys! Thanks alot for your help. I might be able to appease my GAS daemons! -NARCO!
  15. that is great news.... gold grovers are nice. THat guitar will be mine, oh yes... it will be mine! NARCO
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