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  1. Hi, The EVJ has 3 speaker outs 4,8 and 16 ohms. i have an 8 ohm 112cab now connected but can i also connect an other 16ohm cab at the same time without distroying the amp? Thanks!
  2. Does anybody know how big the chassis is out of an HB ga15? If it is the same size as an valve junior i could buy it and put the chassis in my VJ Head so i have a lighter head with more volume. Would it be a nice idea?
  3. o, yea my head is a v3 so it already has an 1m resistor at r2. that mod didn't work. when i switched it on there was a huge noise so i removed the switch. lucky for me i didn't drill a hole yet. would it be plausible to make a switch on r1 that will make it a bypass? will it also have a high gain effect?
  4. Okay thanks! but if i don't do it, will something happen to my amp when i do that gain switch mod? cya
  5. is it such a big deal putting that 1m resistor in it? im new to electronics but if it has to i think it isn't that hard. thanx for ur reply!
  6. Hello all, Im a newbie here but I have a question, I did the JP1 mod on my valve junior and made it switchable. On this website is also an very easy gain mod: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=481701 . I wander if that mod works and if it can work with the jp1. (sorry for my bad english) Greetz:)
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