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  1. OK thanks, I think I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Cheers!
  2. Hello, I own an epiphone BC30 which I like very much. Thanks to the MV mod (thanks again Jfrs!) I can enjoy the amps' sound without having to push the volume too hard but recording is another matter: unless I turn the volume up, which I can't really do in my flat, I can't mic it without getting a lot of hum/fan noise. I came across a DI box/Cab sim, Behringer's GI100 ULTRA-G and I was wondering if it might be a good solution. As far as I understand, by connecting the amp to the DI's input and then going from the DI to the BC30's speaker (and to my soundcard for recording), I would be able to record it without a mic. I might be wrong though so I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with this kind of set up? Any thoughts on this?
  3. Hi there, Thank you all for the info. I'll soon be ordering new tubes for my BC30, I'll share my impressions once the new valves are in. Sorry jfrs I missed what you had previously posted on the MV mod. I think it would be very useful for me but I'll wait to give it a go. Tranny replacement is an interesting option but beyond my technical abilities and considering the cost I think I might as well buy another amp altogether. Although if I really felt this amp had it all except the loudness why not. Judging by what most people say though it may well be that this amp is simply in dire need of good tubes. Cheers!
  4. Hi there, I'm realizing a lot of info has been made available on the BC30 and possible mods. Apart from the thread on this forum I found this thread (to which some people here have contributed) very interesting, with answers to questions I had on tube combinations, speaker/external speaker options and so on. I couldn't help but notice one BC30 owner also regrets the lack of clean headroom and volume. On my amp the stock valves are 2 Sovtek 6L6WXT+ 5 12AX7EH 1 Electron Tube 5AR4 I haven't retubed it yet. I'll start by changing the rectifier tube. I thought I'd change the power tubes, but I've read (jefrs) that swapping the EH12AX7s for ECC83s was a better idea so I might do that. Although I don't have a proper amp stand I always tilt the amp back as I noticed it makes a difference. Re clean headroom, when I played it at high volume, the amp was really overdriven on the "Clean" channel, not just "dirty" - in fact a bit like the B channel at lower volume with the drive setting cranked... Played with humbuckers (epi LP custom, stock) and single coils (Burns Trisonic): the single coils were cleaner but just. Hence my surprise to read ! Thank you for sharing your latest mods jefrs. Any thoughts on adding a Master volume? Thanks!
  5. : the drummer volume knob is certainly worth considering, Twanger I'll try that next time! As for a stand, the amp was raised: I put it on a box roughly at waist height which did improve things but didn't solve the problem. I play reasonably loud post-rock-ish stuff, nothing extreme, really. I play mostly solo stuff at home at the moment so the problem is not urgent but I bought this amp hoping it would be "the one" and I want to know what I can do with it. It's funny because I remember the first amp I owned was a really trebly 20W solid state "Live" amp with which I never had a problem to cut through in a 5 piece band. Twanger and Wiggy, your comments confirm my suspicion that it doesn't deliver what it should. Wildschwein262, I was thinking the issue might have something to do with tubes but I know very little about the effect they have on tone, volume, headroom and so on so I'm trying to find as much info as possible at the moment - I don't really want to change all the tubes if changing just one or two could do the trick. I'd like to first determine whether retubing is worth considering, and which tubes have the most impact on tone, and then take it from there and maybe look at the mods that have been discussed on this forum if I'm not completely satisfied. It's true that the amp is bright but I've found that it's not too difficult to "tame" the brightness with the EQ. I've also read that some BC30s owners have simply bypassed the standby button and put a master volume instead - I find this interesting, have any of you here done it? Thanks a lot for your replies - any suggestions are welcome! Cheers
  6. Hi there, I bought a Blues Custom about a year ago and I'm really happy I did although reading the thread about the BC 30 mods left me thinking there is still room for improvement, which is great. Some of the comments that are often made about this amp surprise me though. For instance many people say it is "loud". One of the reasons I got this amp is that I wanted an amp for home and band/live use. The option to switch from 15W to 30 seemed to be just what I needed. I expected 30W to be more than enough most of the time; I used to have a JCM 900 and it was so frustrating to be told to turn it down all the time! I don't know it this is the right term but I wanted an amp that I could "drive": whose tubes I could make "work". Of course the BC 30 is loud for home but I can live with that. However the first time I took it to practice (just me and a drummer) I was disappointed: the amp had no headroom at all and just didn't keep up with the drums in terms of volume (at all, ended up diming all the knobs so I could hear what I was playing - I also raised the amp, to little avail). I want to know if this could be related to the tubes or if I was simply expecting too much from 30W (although I've read somewhere that the amp is actually less than 30W technically). The reason I talk about lack of volume and headroom is that I feel these problems are probably related. Maybe I'm wrong. Thanks a lot for your interest/help
  7. Hello there and happy new year to all, A quick update on my Les Paul Custom. Samick never responded to my e-mail but Gibson did - sending me a scanned page of the 1994 epiphone catalogue. Nothing to be learnt there about what I was interested in, that is the pickups, vaguely referred to as "Gibson designed high output dual gold humbucker pickups" and so on. In the meantime I received the P90s I ordered from GFS and set them up, changing all the electronics while I was at it. New caps and pots alone do make a big difference. I find the Mean 90 I chose for the bridge slightly disappointing but I suspect that's because I love the Dream 90 (neck) so much - it really stands out. I might try combining it with a humbucker in the bridge position when I have time. I like the way the guitar looks - although there's a slight mismatch between the two pickups, the bridge one being slightly faded - oh well... When I took the stock pickups out I was surprised at how rusty they were. Besides, I noticed that they don't have the epiphone logo on them.
  8. Hi there, Thank you all for your comments. lpplayer: I wish I could do without it but it does look as if this guitar needs a fret job: the action is not all that low and there's fret buzz. I really don't know all that much about lutherie but judging by the state of some fret wires I'd say I'll have to have someone do it... As far as electronics are concerned, I think there's room for improvement; I like the way the guitar sounds when it is unplugged and have a feeling that the pickups don't really do it justice. The main issue I have with the stock pickups is that they are a bit... dull and lack definition. So I ordered a set of humbucker-size P90s and a set of VEH from GFS. I'll see which ones suit me and re-sell those I don't want to keep. Many people complain about the tuners on epiphones. I actually find mine good so I don't plan to change anything in that department. I can't find a good reason to change the bridge either. Musikron: funny you should've noticed the saddles. I used to break a lot of strings when I first got this guitar, don't really know why. I suspected something might not be right with the guitar so I flipped the bridge as I'd been told it could be done, hoping it would make a difference. I don't know if it did but I don't break strings as often as I used to. Anyway when I set the intonation some saddles had to be moved all the way back hence the slots. Alan: the pickups I ordered are black, the VEH uncovered. I was never a big fan of the gold parts anyway even though they look much better now that they've faded. Have sent an e-mail to Samick and Gibson, will let you know if I get a response. Thanks
  9. Hello Alan, Thanks a lot for replying. I will keep looking on the internet and I might try sending the people at Samick an e-mail, who knows... A few pics of my epi - it has a little wear which I like a lot. The parts that used to be golden are sort of silver now, I removed the pickguard ages ago and at some point changed the switch's "teardrop" for a cream-coloured one, don't really know why... I bought it off a friend for a little over 400 USD nearly 15 years ago. I'm looking for a good guitar doctor to take it to (I'm afraid the frets need to be replaced) and once that is done I might upgrade the electronics, pickups included - I realize I should have done this a long time ago. I'll probably give GFS pickups a try for a start and take it from there - any tips on pups welcome by the way. Right enough said, I will let you know if I hear from Samick. Here are the pics.
  10. Hello, I'm new to this forum but I'm a regular visitor ; I own a Korean-made LP Custom (probably 1992) and a BC 30 amp. I often check out this site for information on epiphone instruments but this time I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I'd like to find the full specifications of my les paul (woods used, pickups, electronics and so on) and I was wondering if anyone here knows where to find these data. Thanks a lot for any help you might be able to give.
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