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  1. Speaking of GAS Had 2 doctor appointments today, with an hour to kill in between, stupid me, went trolling in the nearest store... [love]A Larrivee P-09 Parlor git. MY heart went pitter pat, and it was over. Such a little beastie, but what output. $999.00, just could not bring myself to ring up the sale, but the pain, the pain! There must be a drug to correct this somewhere...
  2. Check the TOM, but ensure that your strings are well seated in the tailpiece as well, I have that same problem with my Zephyr all the time, a well placed pick fixes the problem. It might be the cover on the pup, but eliminate other easier problems first.
  3. I tried an experiment with my acoustic repair, and swapped plastic pins for ebony pins on my Guild, and visa versa on the Aims, but really didn't notice a significant difference, That said, the looks of the ebony are far better, IMO. I think getting the slant cuts in the saddle makes a big difference, with respect to tone.
  4. Drool' date=' gulp, gasp, omfg, that is one of the most beautiful gits I've ever layed eyes on. You've just been moved up to number one on my [b']"I hate your guts 'cause your git is prettier than mine"[/b] list. Just kidding really, I am jealous tho. Take good care of her.
  5. Dayummm That girl is a stunner! Don't forget to overwrap the strings next change-over. Now you can start working on Yellow Ledbetter, ehhhhh????
  6. Tsk. Tsk. You know better than to buy one without playing it first. Got a GC nearby, try a DD out there. I love mine, and that LP would settle in nicely with the Kat.... BTW: How do you like the classical?
  7. It's a total crapshot- My local Costco has those, by the dozens, and whipped around in the warehouse by kids driving forklifts. It's a low level budget entry instrument for parents that want to indulge their children, cheaper than a piano, and much easier to dispose of. I'm not knocking them, but realize what they are, is all I'm saying.
  8. Hey Twang- Sorry that work is snowing you under, but better too much than not enough.
  9. Get rid of the foam--- I have 2 with floating bridges, and neither one moves. On the other hand, I do use 13-56 flats, so it shouldn't.
  10. :- Wish I could offer some help- That is a bummed out axe... This should be posted in the electrics tab, might get more feedback, DV may move this...
  11. I was thinking of doing the same thing with my Custom, waiting on Twang to clear up some of his backlog. Two mini PGs with white edges Try to cover up all the screws on the 3 pups.
  12. Could just be that it wasn't set up very well. On the other hand, with all that hardware hanging and bolted on the spruce top, could be limiting the acoustic abilities of that model. Your Wildkat has a maple top, which will stand up better with all that extra weight. The WildKat has a Mahogany back, while the Swingster has a Maple back, so top surface movement is key.
  13. You gots good taste my friend- welcome to the nut-house As Sheila suggested, take your baby to the local store, and check them all out. Might not be able to afford today what sounds really awesome, but having an idea is a great motivation for saving. Her and I both have a Fender 25R which does just fine for me, but I don't gig, or play very loud. Just your basic practice amp, but nice sound, and crunchy if you push hard enough. HNGD
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