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  1. i usually never like blues guys or the blues in general...but after watching maniak..i love his playing..
  2. its actually gold its just very light not as gold as it used to be...and the logo is slightly different than the old ones
  3. no it came with the 81/85 combo...i was very skeptical about buying a epiphone...cause everyone dogs them ...mostly the esp and gibson forums...but i played it and it felt and played and sounds amazing so i bought it...it seemed a better quality than most guitars...i love it and dont regret it at all...i have a new respect for epiphone..
  4. its nice too see a variety of different guitars being posted[biggrin]
  5. it depends on the guitar i have when it comes to pickups..my epiphone came with the emg81/85 combo..i have emgs in most of my guitars except my max cavalera esp/ltd viper and the the dave mustaine flying v dave mustaine livewires
  6. totally agree i would not pay that much for a gibson...the quality does not justify the price lately on them..they are really slacking lately
  7. ok i recently bought the epiphone 84 reissue explorer. Even though i get **** for it on the esp forum..they say its garbage and its firewood. I have been playing for almost 24 years and had so many guitars..this guitar is amazing playing wise and sound wise. It's solid and not cheap at all. i recently went to guitar center and picked up a lesp paul studio silverburst and was just like you guys..majorly dissapointed. It felt hollow and cheap and was quite dissapointed and then i picked up the epiphone les paul custom with the silverburst and had such a weight difference. The epiphone felt
  8. for standard tuning...if your a beginner i would say 9's if not go to 10's...i personally like d'addario
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