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  1. Lets say i have $600.00 to spend on a good amp would you suggest a brand new marshall 100wt? Or get a used marshall with a different setup? Btw gearhead thats a beautifull G400 looks real shiny. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  2. I think your right because when i played on the marshall amp with the epiphone LP I was like wow[omg] . Epiphones for the price actually sound really really good im very suprised. They are beautifull too. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys for the help Hey Ron right now i got a orange crush 15wt amp which is a p.o.s but im soon like in a couple of weeks getting a Marshall 100wt amp that i saw at guitar center for like $550.00[biggrin] I think it would be a great amp as it has some effects already in it including delay and reverb. Cant remember the model of it all i know is its 100wt marshall and it sounded really good (Like all Marshalls). I also just ordered a zoom g2 .1u pedal i have heard really great things about them so should get that sometime tommorow or saturday. Thanks
  4. How much are Gibson Pickups for a les paul. I have a epiphone les paul standard and wanting to replace the pickups with some original factory gibson ones. Can you get them directly from Gibson? Best Place to buy them? Is this worth It? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys sounds like this is a great helpfull site!!!!! I will get those pics up soon as i can
  6. Hey guys my first question on this site ;) Just bought me a Brand New Epiphone Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst and got it for $425.00 i think its a great deal since everyplace is sold out and its kind of hard to find this color. You guys think I made a good choice? Its verrrryyyy beautifull. And one more question wheres a place i can find gold tuners for it and gold pickups and bridge? thanks guys
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