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  1. ok, now I've been looking at the Sheraton II and I can't take my eyes off of it. How does it copare to the Dot?
  2. also, about how much would it cost to have some inlays put on the fretboard? The Dot does not have any inlays at all right now, so would it be possible to have some installed?
  3. so which Grover locking tuners would be right? and what are the differences. The ones I found on this site include Fullsize, Mini Rotomatics, Rotogrip Fullsize, and Rotogrip Mini.
  4. So I've already decided to add a Bigsby Tremolo system to the Dot I recently purchased. However, I'm unsure as which model to get. From what I've found, the B7 is USA made, and the B70 and B700 are both imports. As long as I'm willing to spend the money, is the B7 the best choice? Also, I plan to put a roller bridge in favor of the stock bridge, but I have no idea what would be an ideal brand/model? Finally, I plan to replace both the tuners and nut, and have no idea what would be good choices for either of those. As far as tuners, what about Grover locking tuners? Any good? Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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