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  1. For you "fanbois" buy an Ultra 2, still under warranty, and see if Epiphone fixes the noise bleed. lol. To me I don't like to buy broken stuff, but if you're OK with a company selling you crap... by all means carry on. Logically do you think their products are going to get better if they know you'll buy broken crap and like it? Flame me all you want on that, I'm older than 5 years and know I'm right. If you buy something NEW and like to throw more money at it to make it work the way it should have to begin with... you're just stupid. Oh, and if you're this person have I got some awesome stuff to sell to you! Please PM me, I'll gladly take your money and sell you awesome(haha) stuff... no... really. The distributor (Yorkville) decided to unload all their stock to L&M for cheap, because ALL of the Ultra 2's are faulty. The Ultra 2's dropped from $1000 to a sale price of $699 and reg price of $799. Because they know that once people find out the Ultra 2's come broken right off the shelf no one will buy them. These are still a new product, I don't think they have stopped production on them yet. This is a quote from the CSR for the distributor of ALL of Canada for Epiphone "Thanks to your inputs, we have done some research regarding the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II's innovative wiring and concluded that there is some chance that they all do somewhat the same thing." I have the email and can forward it to you if you would like. It clearly indicates they had no idea that all Ultra 2's did that until I told them to fix my guitar. Anyway, buy one or not. I don't care. Just be aware that the toggle switch doesn't work because of noise bleed. Ps: To that guy who likes to buy new broken crap. We should do business, seriously...
  2. I sold it at a major loss, but at least I got something for that worthless chunk of kindling. Nat, anyone who owns an Ultra 2 has the same problem. I had a few stores and the Canadian distributor test multiple Ultra 2's and now L&M is practically giving them away across the country as a result. To anyone thinking about buying a Les Paul Ultra 2, please be aware of this problem.
  3. Anyone owning an LP Ultra II needs to be aware that their guitar comes broken by default. Because of the faulty wiring there is a terrible noise bleed rendering the toggle switch pretty much useless. The rhythm pickup will bleed into the Treble pickup and vice-versa. This problem is most noticeable when there is any kind of distortion turned on. If you are the unfortunate owner of an Epiphone Ultra 2 and want to test this out for yourselves follow these simple steps. Make sure you're running in mono mode. 1: Set the toggle switch to TREBLE 2: Turn the RHYTHM VOLUME to 10 3: Roll the NANOMAG volume to 0 4: Roll the TREBLE volume to 0 5: Strum anything and listen to your guitar bleed like a Hemophiliac. With the volume of the Nanomag and the treble pup off there should be 0 noise, but the Rhythm pup is still audible making your tone uhh... "unique". So, how do you control this? Well it can be controlled, but the toggle switch doesn't work on this guitar AT ALL. It does work a bit with an amp set to clean simply because the bleed is less noticeable. To keep this POS in check you have to set the volume on whatever the toggle switch is not using to 0. To Epiphone. I'm very disappointed with your product. I, as a consumer will never buy your products again. I may buy a Gibson of some sort in the future, but never again will I buy any kind of Epiphone until this product is fixed, recalled or whatever it is your company does for customers who buy your broken products. This guitar was bought in Canada and Yorkville Distributor had become very familiar with my LP Ultra 2, because I sent it back at least twice. Once for the Nanomag Preamp being DOA and again because I thought the noise bleed/toggle switch was broken. This was the customer service response I got from the distributor who looked at the toggle switch issue. "Thanks to your inputs, we have done some research regarding the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II's innovative wiring and concluded that there is some chance that they all do somewhat the same thing. But first, here is a breif synopsis of how the controls work from our service dept.: >>>> The Bridge pickup volume and Neck pickup volume controls are the same as a normal Les Paul. However, what is usually the neck pickup tone control is now a master tone control for the guitar. It will control the nano mag pickup tone as well, but only in mono mode. And what is usually the bridge pickup tone control is actually a master volume for the nano mag pickup. If this is turned up you will have signal regardless of where the bridge and neck pickup volume controls or the switch are set.>>>> With a passive circuit as complex as this, it is more likely that signal voltages will leak a little than it is with a standard guitar circuit where the selector switch regulates everything." This is the reason they are being blown out from Long & McQuade here in Canada. I guess because of me since I brought this problem forward. So, there you have it. Broken Ultra 2. BUYER BEWARE .!..:- ..!.
  4. I brought it into the shop with 2 days left on my warranty (thank god) and yeah, there is a problem with the guitar. It's now off to get fixed. Thanks for the help!
  5. Alright, thanks for the help! I'm gonna take it to the shop and see what they say.
  6. Ok, I'll try to clarify a bit... lol Jacks:----nanomag...............magnetic ...................|.............................| ................Cable1....................Cable2 ...................|.............................| ...................|.............................| ...............amp1.......................amp2 This is how I setup. No switches. If I turn the volume on at amp1 and I turn the volume off at amp2, the nanomag should be the only thing working on amp1 correct? example: 1: Turn the volume(not the power) on amp2 off. 2: Set the volume on the nanomag to max 3: strum a chord 4: turn the volume up and down to the bridge pup as the chord is ringing. Does this effect the sound coming out of amp1? Can you hear the bridge pup volume in the sound of amp1? From my understanding it should not, because the only thing working out of amp1 should be the nanomag. I hope this is more clear.
  7. Thanks so much for responding! Here's how I setup. I have 2 amps just kicking around I set 1 to clear and set the other to crunch. I plug the "magnetic" jack into the crunch amp and the nanomag into the clear amp. My understanding is, with that setting the clear amp should only be picking up the nanomag and nothing else. When I run this setup the magnetic pickups are still working under the nanomag jack. How will a switch change that so I can get only the nanomag and not all pickups at once. Currently when I plug only 1 amp into the nanomag jack I still get all pickups. Is that working properly? When I plug 1 amp into the magnetic jack I get the same sound as plugging into the nanomag jack. Cheers!
  8. I have a LP ultra II and was wondering about the stereo output. If i'm running in stereo mode am I able to isolate the nanomag? Here's my problem, When I run in stereo mode and I turn the sound off on the amp that's going to my magnetic jack and I have my other amp set to acoustic and plugged into the nanomag jack I'm still able to hear the magnetic pickups. My understanding is that when I'm running in stereo mode I should be able to isolate the nanomag and not hear the magnetic pickups at all unless I use a switch to jump to the amp that is jacked into the magnetic jack. (Is this correct?) Thanks for any help.
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