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  1. My 2001 Songbird Deluxe is my favorite and -- to my ears -- best sounding guitar. It has the same OEM pickup (w/o controls) as yours, but I have no idea as to the manufacturer.. An email to Gibson Customer Service may bring a speedy answer though.
  2. Congrats on the new camera! :)
  3. Charlie, I believe you want to use the BB code. ☺
  4. Look inside the soundhole for the serial number -- up by the neck block. Match the number with the year of manufacture here: https://www.martingu...-number-lookup/ You can contact Martin for the specs here: https://www.martingu...stomer-service/
  5. I've logged in to the forum using Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on my Windows laptop as well as other Windows computers at work Additionally, I've logged in using Silk on my Amazon Fire tablet. I've logged out and logged back in again. However, the Trading Post isn't visible to me in the forum anymore. This has gone on for about three weeks. Any suggestions?
  6. Congrats! Everyone needs a J-45. ☺ Pickguards are purely a matter of personal preference. I kept the pickguard on my J-45; however, yours looks really nice without one.
  7. I traded for one some years ago and still love the guitar - Bubinga is a very sweet tonewood.
  8. I'm also amazed at the quality of the lower price point guitars nowadays. My Epi Les Paul Special (with P-90 pickups)stays in a stand by my desk. Given its price, the guitar sounds ridiculously good and is extremely easy to play. I'm not suggesting that the Epi sounds better than or just like my Gibson LP Special (also w/ P-90s),the Epi sounds a whole lot better than anyone would rationally expect a $100 guitar to sound.
  9. The J-45 case will definitely fit your CL-20. Both guitars use the same case.
  10. The question wasn't "Which Epiphones sound good?" or "Do Epiphones sound better than Gibsons?" The original poster simply wants to know whicht Epis sound most LIKE a Gibson. Whether one thinks that Gibsons sound sound terrible or Epiphones sound great is completely irrelevant. While Masterbilts are very fine guitars -- as far as I can discern, they sound nothing like a Gibson.
  11. This is a case of better vs beater. No contest: Masterbilt EF in a landslide. All solid wood vs laminated back & sides. Better resale value and --- most importantly --- better tone.
  12. Sorry, but there ain't none. . . .
  13. Unfortunately, I've never found considered the UMGF administration to be remotely conservative nor very tolerant of anything conservative. I'd also suggest that 70-year-olds folks are more likely to be liberal because of the cultural El Nino in which they grew up. That said, some very, very fine folks hang their hats at the UMGF, and it's a great place for Martin and general guitar related info.
  14. No offense, but if those folks -- or any others -- aren't in heaven, I'll feel sorry for them, but no way am I choosing the alternative. . . :)
  15. No offense, but if those folks -- or any others --- aren't in heaven, I'll feel sorry for them, but there's no way I am choosing the alternative. . . :)
  16. Ask yourself how much disposable income you have and what the guitar will be used for. Consider also if you think you may wish to ever sell the guitar at some point. Resale value is a consideration. Finally, consider: If you buy the Epi, will you still be lusting for the Gibson - and then consider the opposite scenario. The answers to those questions should lead you to the correct purchase. Good luck! Merry Christmas! And don't forget to post pics.
  17. At $54, you done good. You done REAL good. I bought an Epi LP Special I from Guitar Center last year. It's a great little guitar for a small amount of $$ -- with pretty good tone and playability although it doesn't quite measure up to my Gibson LP Junior Special (P-90) in either category. Of course, the Gibby cost a bit more than $69. . . :)
  18. Mine also has the thumbwheel - and someone somewhere told me the system is made by Fishman.
  19. Dang! ---- Too bad ----- Guess I should've responded to Sandra's PM right away I've been seriously considering adding a XRumer 12.0 Elite to my gigbag. Couldn't find any at GC on Black Friday either. . ..
  20. I recall having emailed Gibson Customer Service about this some years back. Gibson has a list of approved parts suppliers. I can't recall what companies were on the list, but I'm sure GSC will provide it if you contact them.
  21. Pickguard - most definitely. The cosmetic wear that comes from picking needs to be avoided - regardless of how one feels about the aesthetics of a pickguard. It's a no-brainer to me.
  22. I just visited Fuller's website yesterday and wondered the same thing. I thought that perhaps Gibson had pulled the dealership - I hope that's not true. If it isn't, why the change? -- Apparently, Gibson used to think Fuller was worthy enough to sell n the Internet. . . .
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