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  1. My house has bad AC hum more so on some nights that others. Some nights can't turn the Wah on,, Time to move 🤣
  2. @Larsongs if he's dealing with Thonmann that's a dealer in Germany. As far as I know Gibson only warranties USA claims , not UK/Europe He'd have to work with his distributor, and he chose to ask for complete swaps till they did want him as a customer
  3. There's been a lot of change at Gibson since the 2018, issues. Including removing Henry from running the company to a new CEO that plays guitar
  4. Sounds like Thomann, is just trying to get rid of you now. You said your first was "butchered with a knife". So you returned it. But your 2nd one , you didn't like the fret dressing and the setup. Certainly seems like Thomann thinks you can't be satisfied and just dumping you with a refund
  5. Actually Merc... Brad is right. Rusty's answer that was just above your post: "it sounds pretty decent to be honest, "
  6. I assume the guy you traded with won't answer and now blocked your phone number
  7. @yeeshkul that "twisted" bridge pickup is from on 2 screw mounting screws that are spring tension, The torque the mounting springs put on a 2 point pivot location on the pickup causes the twist Quite normal
  8. Certainly will bet a unique finish, Guess wear old clothes it it stops (if it cures)
  9. Good job on the refinish. Biggest thing about a refinished guitar that Twang eluded to was why, what they hiding; if I was a buyer Second thing is how you've described it in the ad, and you're not expecting standards price for a guitar that wasn't a standard or custom
  10. Marauder where made in the late 70's by Norlin/Gibson They did come with bolt on neck's So if someone is calling it a fake might be thinking Gibson does set necks not bolt on. But on certain 'lower' models they did bolt on necks I'm far from an expert, but it looks like other pictures of Marauder's Hopefully a Marauder "expert" will stumble across this thread
  11. If you look close You can see the same grain of the top fretboard through the dark stain. I think they just dark stained the fretboard to sort of make it look like dark binding
  12. On "regular " Gibson's LP's we've seen pictures of the nitro finish bubble/bulge around there, When machine head nuts get tightened. Just goes with if nitro was dry instead of moist when new, It'd chip off instead of bubbling. Guess Murphy makes sure its dry for his aging process
  13. The headstock shape reminds me of a Japanese company in the early 80's named Vantage, also Heritage Guitars use a similar headstock. I can't see the whole trussrod cover Does it have 2 or 3 screws
  14. Or just put some foam in the pickup hole to counteract the twist pivot done with the spring and single mounting screw
  15. Production day says 213 Google 213 th day of the year and it says July 31 So a Saturday potentially they could work a Saturday. There are more Tell Tail visual clues, fake/real, post pictures and someone can comment. Highly doubtful a 1993 Studio was faked, more common LP custom or Zack Wylde
  16. Long neck tenon would give the neck more contact with the body. Might give the neck more stability How much mojo sound does that add to guitar sound, I don't know I'd sound as bad on short or long tenon
  17. All the vendors (sweetwater, Long/Mcquade and a few Reverb ads) all say 4 push/pull pots. If the unit looks like a 'real' Gibson then probably the owner swapped out the pots
  18. Electrostatic applications has been employed across multiple segments of industries that need to apply a even level of paint/clear coat. Not all Guitars exhibit the static is it really how the finish is applied? Probably how it interacts with clothes, think all anyone needs to do is regular namptha cleaning and watch what one wears Btw GraceToo no one from Gibson will read this forum, the moderator barely shows here. Torches and pitchforks won't help change an industry
  19. I'd keep it, there's nothing twisting your arm to sell it. You'll end up regretting it in once your parents pass on 1600 to 2,000 today for rent is a once time safety net that will lead to what will you sell next to pay the rent
  20. I'm guessing an ES137 probably would go for 2500-2800
  21. @JonnyGuitar youd have to plane the fretboard, it's not just the frets that make the radius
  22. @BoSoxBiker the point Bonamassa was trying to make was If you have everything on 10, then you really have nowhere to go but down, Set your tone /volume 5-6 , set your amp up to volume and tone you like. Now you have control at your fingertips
  23. I play in a Catholic church choir (so very structured not a music jam).. we have somewhere around 150 songs we play through the year.. I used to use a large binder.. then had a Android tablet running Moblesheets for my songs in PDF format and organized into set lists. but at 10.5" I wanted larger. my son bought me a iPad Pro at 12.9" bigger screen much nicer. Used the same PDF's to populate Forescore for IOS. organizes great I read music to get the melody, but mostly use chord charts in the music; I'm still struggling with the music theory which helps people a lot my buddy knows theory really well and his fretboard better than me can know which notes are best in which progression as he knows the Keys and Notes better than I
  24. or use that ad riddled site IMGUR.com to upload your pictures and post the URL link here as said.. looks like wood grain patten
  25. I like the quilt, gold hardware and all the abalone inlays, Guess it's the inner "bling" in me, cause certainly isn't in my playing 🙈
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