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  1. I thought when they added one of the many versions of powered tuners at one of the "Henry " years it stood for Technology
  2. @Renato this thread is from 2011. I suggest getting yourself an imgur.com account loading in picture of your guitar and starting a new thread and not use one from 2011... 9 years old Never seen a real Gibson use an MSM serial number
  3. Although quite an old thread, I remember Guitar Centre years ago was using a serial number format like that R8 58 R9 59 R0 60 Reissue
  4. Ask them to remove the truss rod cover and take a picture of the truss rod nut. I should be a nut not allen key
  5. Stolen would not account for a extra digit in the serial number.
  6. With the crack repair in the back of the headstock, I'd almost say head was replaced from another guitar. That would account for oddball serial number Just guessing out loud
  7. I second use of a black sharpie, Otherwise leave it
  8. @Sgt. Pepper Think you mean age 13, don't Remember him opening up for BB after age 13.
  9. But at least Bonamassa tours with some of them, and actually knows what to do with them, unlike football team owners Chalk it up to a 9yr old thread though
  10. Have you tried lowering the pickup height? Backing it away should change tone and unfortunately or fortunately will lower the output a bit
  11. The fret board looks dry He's probably feeling the fret edges, Probably needs to hydrate the fretboard
  12. In One Word.. NO.. it's not the break angle over the TOM and Bridge and no need to go to roller nut or roller bridge. (oh BTW, your strings CAN touch the back of the bridge and still be a great sounding guitar) the design is more than 60yrs old and there are literally thousands (millions ) of guitars that stay in tune. thanks for bringing up a post from 8 years ago,, (2012).. I'm sure RJames1973 hasn't gotten his guitar fixed by now and will be resolved with your reply.
  13. The Les Paul Standard 2016 HP is the utmost in luxury and performance in Gibson's 2016 lineup, with an unprecedented set of premium and high performance features.• Tuners: Next-Generation Gibson G FORCE• Volume Pots: Push-pull Coil-Tappers• Switch: Sturdier, noiseless toggle switch• Bridge: Titanium saddles• Case: Luxury aluminum case• Neck: Soloist neck width• Inlays: Mother of pearl inlays• Top: AAAA figured maple• Jack: Gold plated multi contact jack• Heel: Fast-access heel• Nut: Titanium adjustable zero-fret nutDetailsTopWood Species: MaplePieces: 2Grade: C (Ebony, Gold Top, and Blue Mist), AAAA (all other finishes)Binding: CreamBackWood Species: MahoganyPieces: 2Density: LowWeight Relief: ModernAverage Weight (body only): 5lbs. 8.3ozBody Contour Carve: ClassicNeckWood Species: MahoganyPieces: 1Truss Rod: Les PaulProfile: slim taper, asymmetricalThickness at Fret 1: 0.800"Thickness at Fret 12: 0.875"Peg HeadType: SP1-BInlay: Mother of PearlLogo: Mother of Pearl "Gibson"Silkscreen: Gold "Les Paul Model"Headstock Angle: 17 degreesTonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect: Sculpted access jointNeck FitJoint Angle: 5.0 degreesJoint Angle Tolerance: 0 deg 0 min 15 secType: Mortise and TenonGauges Used: Pitch Height Gauge, Alignment GaugeNutStyle: Zero Fret NutMaterial: TitaniumWidth: 1.745"Slots:E: 1.4732 mm / 0.058 inchesA: 1.2192 mm / 0.048 inches😧 0.9652 mm / 0.038 inchesG: 0.7112 mm / 0.028 inchesB: 0.4826 mm / 0.019 inchese: 0.3556 mm / 0.014 inchesFingerboardWood Species: RosewoodPieces: 1Shade: DarkRadius: Compound RadiusFrets: 22Nut/End of Board: 1.745" @ nut, 2.310" @ end of boardScale: Equal tempered 24.75"Binding: CreamSide Dots (Color): BlackFingerboard InlaysStyle: TrapezoidMaterial: Mother of PearlPickupsRhythm Pro, Lead ProPole Piece Material: Nickel plated steelMagnet Material: Alnico 5Control Pocket AssemblyLead & Rhythm Volume Pots: 500K Push/Pull Non-LinearLead Tone/Rhythm ToneCapacitors (Lead & Rhythm): .022uFSwitchable FunctionsNeck Pickup: Tap or SplitBridge Pickup: Tap or SplitNeck Volume: High Pass Filter Out or In CircuitBridge Volume: High Pass Filter Out or In CircuitTransient Suppression: Out or In CircuitTuning KeysStyle: G FORCEMaterial: ZamakTuning Ratio: 40:1Gear Type: Syncronized spur gear systemWhat is allowable turn: +/- 4 degreesPlating specs: ChromeBridgeStyle: Tune-o-matic w /Titanium saddlesMaterial: Zamak basePlating Specs: ChromeDimensions of String SlotsE:1.4732mm / 0.058"A:1.2192mm / 0.048"D:0.9652mm / 0.038"G:0.7112mm / 0.028"B:0.4826mm / 0.019"e:0.3556mm / 0.014"TailpieceStyle: Stop BarMaterial: ZamakPlating Specs: ChromeOutput Jack: HP 1/4" mono gold plated positive contactJack PlateStyle: Les Paul SquareMaterial: ChromeStrap ButtonsMaterial: AluminumPick GuardStyle: Removable CreamTruss Rod CoverStyle: black/white bell hot stamp white "Standard"KnobsStyle: Supreme grip speed knobsControl Plate(s) (Backplate Cover)Style: Stainleess steel infused polycarbonate for Electrostatic Discharge protectionControl Plate(s) (Switch/Plate Cover)Style: Stainleess steel infused polycarbonate for Electrostatic Discharge protectionCase Style: HP Hard shellTools: Truss rod wrench, 2.5mm adjustment wrench, Polishing cloth
  14. Eracer_Team


    Looks like a Les Paul jr Double Cut. Just checked a 2019 on sale at a big Guitar store in Canada lists at 800cdn But then again the pick guard doesn't look like a LPJ
  15. @LucasLorenzo Gibson still hand scrapes the binding with a straight razor. Looks like the razor "chattered" while in process, Depends on how well you like the rest of the guitar, it can be fixed up , should be under warranty. Or do what everyone else in USA does, return it
  16. There was another thread on here about a year or two ago about that screw. Not sure if I can find that post
  17. Try this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Kalamazoo
  18. @rct I don't believe he's looking to buy replacements. Think he's wondering out loud about how the HP got appointments that other LP's did not, and if they were factory. And the answer was yes, factory
  19. The "High Performance" guitars where sort of all over the map with what they came with.. they did not come with the standard appointments as this was a thinking of the old management that people wanted something a little different than just a "standard" Les Paul http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/USA/Les-Paul-Traditional/High-Performance.aspx
  20. L&M offer free curb side pickup, and I think some free home delivery You should call your local store for pickup hours. I dropped a rental this way, and picked up a Airturn pedal this way.
  21. other than Long and McQuade.. I don't think I know of any guitar parts company in Canada. but they can get you just about anything. or try Amazon.ca you'd be surprised what you can get in a day mostly at reasonable prices.. some awful prices too. if you purchase from the USA and it's under a certain amount it's duty free (think around $20. unless they upped it to $50).. also when ordering from the USA.. avoid couriers.. UPS/FedEx/Purolator they all charge a brokerage fee that's absolutely obscene. stick to USPS the plain old postal system. and many times goes uninspected so no duty at all
  22. I've never seen the bridge saddles all the way to the back before. Something says to me there is another problem not addressed and a heavier guage string won't address this
  23. Normally people put in the title of their post like a subject..ie SG sharp on chords not normally their name. But you comment on open position chords are sharp, Don't press the strings all the way to the fret board.
  24. A few topics here on static. Gibson and others mentioned to use dryer sheets on the plastic covers on the back. Some knock it up to the nitro drying and reacting to the clothes until it dries more
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