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  1. I see Long & Mcquade showing a B2 And Steve's music Toronto showing the TRB Gig By description can't tell whe the difference is, you'll have to go to the stores https://www.long-mcquade.com/136236/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Gibson/Explorer-B-2-Satin-Ebony.htm?ref=suggestive-search https://stevesmusic.com/en/gibson-explorer-trb-gig-dsxb219-s.html
  2. Oh at first I hadn't seen what you're talking about, Strings seemed over the poles of the pickups. Wasn't till I zoomed in on your nut. Maybe post a big clear picture of the nut hosted by imgur.com or something instead of the thumbnail provided by the forum. Yeah I'd make them fix it
  3. Also remember he used a variac to lower the input AC voltage to get that mushy "brown" sound Of course he knew nothing about tube bias and fry the tubes
  4. Eracer_Team


    Without any puctures, It'd be close to guessing what color car you have. And subject line same as your user name doesn't help
  5. My guitars have picked me, I don't pick them. I walk into a store wander around, don't get any feeling. Next day walk into the same store wander around don't get any feeling. One walk in, one day, and a guitar whispers try me. That's the one I pick up. Could take months of this process
  6. They won't reissue the COA See the responses in the Custom section
  7. Don't think there's anything to "worry " other then some light esthetic. Bindings are put on, guitar is stained/painted/nitro lacquer, then bindings are scrapped by hand with a razor blade. Its possible to have some stain /lacquer residue
  8. There are 2 points for the pickup to pivot on. Put a block of foam in the pickup cavety when the pickup is lowered it compresses the foam and keeps the pickup from twisting
  9. Hmm the Google drive link worked the other day. I do remember seeing a guitar with a volute at the back of the head stock. But we need pictures posted from a more permanent source
  10. Hard to see when I zoom in the picture gets blurry. But they have to join 2 coils of wire together somehow to make it a humbucker pickup I suspect you're seeing that connection as there are no pickup covers on the pickup
  11. Let's just say from May 11, 2011 and Jan 2, 2020 (9years) that the original poster has bought a guitar
  12. If it's the exact same guitar that's "only" $300 off, and GC is still going to make a profit as its called "mark up" You buy something mark it up 200%, then once in a while put out a 25% sale. Also GC gets back a lot of returns, sometimes for stupid little things, easy to put that out on a "inventory blow out sale" as well
  13. If you've sprayed the pots with cleaner and as you say work fine on their own.. Then the common denominator is??? The selector switch. Clean it too
  14. They us a single screw with a spring to raise or lower your pickup. The spring put a torque twist on the bottom of the pickup that causes the twist. That the pickup out, put a small block of foam in the pickup cavety, reinstall the pickup. That way the foam keeps the pickup level
  15. Part of the middle position is both volumes interact . Turn either one to zero produces zero sound. Just like being in either pickup and turning its volume to zero
  16. Carter's is pretty reputable. But if in doubt, call Gruhn's in Nashville. If you can't talk to George, then ask for for Greg Voros their head repair/restorer
  17. I thought the drum solo was there so the band and half the audience could go to the washroom
  18. I don't have first hand knowledge but nitro is supposed to meld itself into the existing nitro surface. A "fix" shouldn't be too hard but you need someone that has nitro and some nitro experience
  19. No we didn't miss your point, but you missed ours Did you also scroll down that web page you posted? At the bottom "Terms and Conditions ", take a read. Quote: Disclaimers of Liabilities and WarrantiesWhile we use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on our website, we make no representations or warranties as to its accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness. Gibson assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the content of our website.
  20. Can we assume it's the G string that's going out of tune the most??
  21. Yes Looks like it's like 1 to 2 cents out. But looks like you're using an app on a phone. Get a real tuner
  22. Well no tension spring in saddles, so you don't have that to contend with If flip it, just start a new slot in the "right" spot But it seems strange you A saddle is all the way forward
  23. Remember you can always remove the tension spring to get just a bit more travel
  24. If you want it tighter. Use plumbers thread tape, quick wrap around threads will tighten it up
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