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  1. I don't have first hand knowledge but nitro is supposed to meld itself into the existing nitro surface. A "fix" shouldn't be too hard but you need someone that has nitro and some nitro experience
  2. No we didn't miss your point, but you missed ours Did you also scroll down that web page you posted? At the bottom "Terms and Conditions ", take a read. Quote: Disclaimers of Liabilities and WarrantiesWhile we use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on our website, we make no representations or warranties as to its accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness. Gibson assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the content of our website.
  3. Can we assume it's the G string that's going out of tune the most??
  4. Yes Looks like it's like 1 to 2 cents out. But looks like you're using an app on a phone. Get a real tuner
  5. Well no tension spring in saddles, so you don't have that to contend with If flip it, just start a new slot in the "right" spot But it seems strange you A saddle is all the way forward
  6. Remember you can always remove the tension spring to get just a bit more travel
  7. If you want it tighter. Use plumbers thread tape, quick wrap around threads will tighten it up
  8. Haha, I'll call it the phone "auto incorrect "
  9. So you got a crossover as they were switching spec's. You're yanking the pickups , so a mute point I think Unless you're thinking of selling the old 490 pickups and thinking you can't sell them as high a price as the 498's??
  10. they seem like "phisy" files to me.. I'm seeing w3.amazonws.com.. from the files to download.
  11. Well SKTN77a does have a sheep for an avatar.
  12. I'm pretty sure Randy Rhodes didn't worry if his white guitar would pick up the color from his jeans or shirt, or whether it would show belt buckle or pick scratches, or would discolor from time. He just played the heck out of it.
  13. What they're saying is If it isn't what you're looking for right away, it never will be. Whether you swap the pickups, pull the piezo, etc You'll always be going, this isn't my 76.
  14. Why don't you "top wrap" the stop tail if you want to deck the stop to the surface of the guitar. That way the string are "that much" higher than the holes in the stop tail for the strings and will be pretty much a straight run from the TOM to the stop tail I'm not going to get into the "strings can't touch the back of the TOM" argument If I want an argument, I'll talk to my wife
  15. I can't wear a printed/silk screen shirt with my 2001 Les Paul 18yrs later, after it was made Careful what you wear, or you can take the finish off I'll tell you mosquitoe repellent on your arm will also take the nitro off too
  16. BFG stood for Barely Finished Guitar. Looks like a BFG, am I missing something
  17. Glad you changed the title for "Gold top" to "Explorer" as not to be confused with a gold top guitar. I like natural mahogany finish is great
  18. Most of the Gibson acoustics at my store don't have the strap button. J45, Songwriter etc no strap button
  19. New CEO and upper mgt a Gibson. They'll take away or add as needed for their chapter 11 charter
  20. Besides Gibson in Chapter 11, fired old owner/boss got new power and new boss. Wonder how any model survived.
  21. My suggestion is play it for a bit before changing. Just putting a pickup at the bridge changes the tone and volume over then neck position. You might like this balance in sound
  22. Upper bout sure is wood grain. Not 100% certain with the pot location lines, whether checking crack in nitro or just the wood grain. Different angle picture might clear that slightest doubt of just wood grain
  23. Headstock was never like that from Gibson 3 screw truss rod cover screams Chinese import Bridge is wrong for a Gibson Bolt on neck and with steel neck plate screams Chinese import Pickups look like a clone of Gretsch Fulton pickup. And a whole lot more
  24. I'm just curious on why so many zombie post from 2008 are being resurrected when information not related to the topic
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