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  1. I forgot all about these amps. I remember they were pretty popular when they first came out. Have always wanted to get one "on the cheap"...but never saw one pop up on my local CL. Some day perhaps..... best
  2. I would start by replacing your preamp tubes one at a time. It is very possible you have a bad tube, it does not matter how old they are. Try the power rubes next. If it is not a tube, you need to pull the chassis.
  3. I do not see too many toroidals in guitar amps. I see them in SS bass amps quite a bit. Is there any advantage with them.......price, reliability, availability.? I will second the request for gut shots....... Thanks
  4. Like the old saying goes....."there is a good reason why tubes are in sockets, and not soldered into the board." Owning tube amps requires spare tubes. Try a new preamp tube (the small one), and then try a new power tube. You must be sure that the replacement tubes work. Just because you by a new tube, does not guarantee the tube functions properly. Tubes can, and do, go bad during the shipping process. Anyway.....start with tube replacement and take it from there. Let Us Know
  5. The max clean volume will be the same. A 12AX7 may start to break-up at 3 on the knob, where a 5751 may start to break-up at 5 on the knob. But the respective volume will be the same for each tube (in this case at 3 and at 5). By numbers, it will look like the 5751 gives you "more clean head room", but it is really just a numbers thing. Best
  6. You cannot get more head room from a tube change. If you need more of that, you need to use a more efficient speaker. Changing to a lower gain tube will just change the sweep of the volume pot. It might go off on number 7, instead of number 4, but the volume will be the same.... Good Luck
  7. Are you the guy that had several problems with a new VJ.? Anyway...the only thing I know of that will make that noise is the PT, but I am not sure about the intermittent part. Check everything going to and coming from the PT including the mounting bolts/hardware. Good Luck
  8. From a quick peek at their web-site, I cannot say for sure. My experience with switchable mods is that it usually retains the stock circuit, as well as adding the mod(s). Not a guarantee....I am sure a quick email to that company will get you the info you want. Good Luck
  9. Send me your email and I will send you a down load. Best
  10. I would try a few different places and see what you think. Try to get a 250 Volt, 10 Amp switch.I would try it on one leg of the PT secondary, between the PT and the Bridge. You may want to parallel the switch with a 2 watt 50k resistor. You could also try it on the other side of the Bridge, between the rectifier and that first filter cap. You have DC there, so it is probably going to pop. I think what guys do on that side is to put a diode (1N4007) in series with the switch. Anyway, try those two spots and see what you think. You can rig it up with jumper cables to start with. After you see what works best, hard wire it together and solder away. Why do you want an SB Switch though? The amp does not need one, and it may be more trouble than it is worth. But no harm done. That is one of the nice things about these cheap amps. You can do what ever you want. The link below has a schematic. Good Luck http://www.blueguitar.org/new/schem/electar/modnotes/Epiphone_Valve_Junior_Euthemia_mods.pdf
  11. You are fine at 318 on the plate. The schematic will probably show 350. Just do a double check on the cat voltage..... Best
  12. Are you sure about that cat voltage? Even if it was 32.6 volts, it would still be high. If that is the number, try lifting one leg of the cat by-pass cap and see what you get. Best
  13. What voltage reading do you have at the plate, and at the cathode with the chassis as reference?
  14. Lets watch the "name calling" guys. Nobody here is an Idiot. Players have run mismatched Tweed and Black Face Fenders for years. It all depends on how robust the transformer is. If you want a REAL shocker, browse the Mesa website and see what Mr. Smith thinks you can get away with where his Out Tranny's are concerned. My experience has been that most all OT's will take a mismatch of double or half the ideal load. I would say that it is just good practice to match the Z Out whenever possible. Glad you like your new 2 x 12 set up. It is fun/educational to build your own stuff. Doing it with available parts, like Sniper1 did, is the epitome of creative invention. I dig it when I see a guy at a gig with good tone, and one-off gear that he made himself. That creativity often blends over into the music as well. Merry Christmas Everybody
  15. Sounds good to me. Someday you may need a cab for a combo, or you might just use that cab for speakers for the rest of its days. Good Idea Well Done
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