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  1. Ancelmo (Fernando) Solar Gonzalez was born on September 1, 1918 in Pravia, Spain. He was self-taught and began manufacturing guitars in 1930, at the age of twelve. When he was 20, he exhibited one of his instruments at the Exposition de Artes and won the first prize and a scholarship. Two years later he won the silver medal at the exhibition in Oviedo in 1943 and moved to Madrid where he worked for Santos Hernandez. Hernandez died shortly thereafter, but Anselmo worked until 1948 for his widow until he opened his own workshop in Calle Rollo. In 1950, he moved his workshop in Ca
  2. Definately a Spainish guitar Sticker says Casa Garrida Madrid The name Solar Gonzalez can't be photo'ed with removing the pick guard Can be seen with a scope Solar Gonzalez was a Spainish Luthier Tuners are Kluson - likely a mod IMO no info on head stock
  3. Anyone here on a forum that has info on Spainish guitars? I got this archtop with the name Solar Gonzalez inside (also a sticker that says Casa Garrido) All I can find is classical guitars info for this Luthier - no archtop info anywhere ' alt=''>
  4. If still interested I have a blonde one with Seymour Duncan P Rails You won't see a nicer one would sell
  5. I have finally found an old Leslie Horn Model 30A I want to use for guitar Any recommendations for a pre-amp? thanks
  6. I put Duncan P-Rails on my Byrdland elitist Got a pro setup too - but no real issues Would not sell mine for $2,000 Just an opinion - great guitar
  7. I just picked up a 1998 Zephyr Blues Deluxe VS TAG says R98P 0976 Guitar dater says = not valid Says the month is P Thanks
  8. I put the P-Rails in an Epiphone Broadway and in an Epiphone Byrdland Elite Loved the results in both Yesterday I got this guy. Like new Pickups seem OK - are they the same as referred to above? Kluson tuners added and had to move bridge - it was FU G-400 '65 Reissue w/Maestro Vibrola (2005)
  9. What an improvement !! Guitar was sounding dead compared to my new Byrdland Elite Lots of settings to play with and sounds very nice on the Broadway Need to decide what to do with the Elite now - that already sounds good Little switches on each pickup gives Single coil - P90 - Humbucker (series or parallel)
  10. <<<<<<<<All my guitars are 3 string.>>>>>>>> Maybe that would help me play better?
  11. SVET ........ YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF !!! You are an inspiration[blink]
  12. Actually they are 15-inch subs but they will shake your world When I got them I was playing the 1812 with the 21 cannon shots from West Point coming up The cat was laying right in front of one sub snoozing I thought well this is a good cat lesson About 15 seconds before the cannons start the cat gets up stretches and walks away
  13. Photo from a few years ago but show most of stuff Equipment rack is now on side wall Got a VPI/TNT turntable now too and a Sonos digital system Notice the 13-inch TV - Prioritys !!! Actually don't play the stereo as much since I started messing with the guitars
  14. The speakers are Green Mountain Audio 2 Diamantes and two 15-inch sub-woofers Best speakers made IMO Link is here http://www.greenmountainaudio.com/ Speakers are pushed by some old McIntosh tube amps C-20 preamp Two bridged MC-225s A solid state amp for the subs My guitar amps are 1979 Fender Vibrolux Reverb California Blonde Acoustic amp Fender 600 Champ reissue I loved the Broadway but it is not really an acoustic guitar The Byrdland does electric and acoustic to my taste
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