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  1. Ancelmo (Fernando) Solar Gonzalez was born on September 1, 1918 in Pravia, Spain. He was self-taught and began manufacturing guitars in 1930, at the age of twelve. When he was 20, he exhibited one of his instruments at the Exposition de Artes and won the first prize and a scholarship. Two years later he won the silver medal at the exhibition in Oviedo in 1943 and moved to Madrid where he worked for Santos Hernandez. Hernandez died shortly thereafter, but Anselmo worked until 1948 for his widow until he opened his own workshop in Calle Rollo. In 1950, he moved his workshop in Calle Cerro Garabitas 11. From 1959 to 1963 he employed Juan and Lorenzo Alvarez in his workshop, both of which opened their own workshops later. Sometime in the 1970s he had a workshop in Calle Jabonería 30 and then later in the Calle Devino Pastor 24. **************************************************************** I believe his son was also a Luthier Everything I find is about classical guitars or violins - no mention of archtops
  2. Definately a Spainish guitar Sticker says Casa Garrida Madrid The name Solar Gonzalez can't be photo'ed with removing the pick guard Can be seen with a scope Solar Gonzalez was a Spainish Luthier Tuners are Kluson - likely a mod IMO no info on head stock
  3. Anyone here on a forum that has info on Spainish guitars? I got this archtop with the name Solar Gonzalez inside (also a sticker that says Casa Garrido) All I can find is classical guitars info for this Luthier - no archtop info anywhere ' alt=''>
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