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  1. After 35 years in the printing business, my current job is to provide print production support to the marketing of a large direct mail clothing supplier who produces a LOT of catalogs and mailers. We build our catalog pages in-house using Mac Adobe CS applications. The page layout files we then supply to our outside vendor (I'll use the term "color separator", if you know what that means) have to be Adobe Mac Indesign files. The color separator then in turn supplies the print-ready files to the printer. Nowadays, these are commonly high resolution PDFs. The thing is everybody's software has t
  2. Agreed! Adobe is one of the worst offenders IMHO, every time they come out with a new "CS.x" update to my publishing software. It's a hassle when you have to ask a print vendor "What version of InDesign CS do you support?" Plus, I have to partition my hard drive and reboot to Mac OS 10.6 in order to run many of the games that I love that won't run in OS 10.7 Lion. :angry: Why couldn't they have kept Rosetta (PPC compatibility) in 10.7?? Pretty damn inconvenient I say!
  3. I've been a Mac addict for many years. I also had a PC strictly for games years ago, a Pentium III something or other, but it wasn't worth the trouble after a while. That being said, like others here have mentioned, my current one is my favorite. iMac Intel 2.66MHz Core 2 Duo, 1TB hard drive Craigslist special, plus a second monitor (Dell). With a 1TB external HD set up as a Time Machine, I never have to worry about backups now! It's come in handy on numerous occasions.
  4. Sure does! I usually can upgrade and repair these myself as long as the parts are available. But at some point I had to make the jump from Power PC to an Intel processor, since many companies stop supporting older versions of their software. Definitely makes the DAW apps run more efficiently.
  5. Last year my old 20" iMac G5 gave up the ghost (another logic board failure) and rather than fix it again I decided it was to upgrade to a 24" iMac 2.66 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo. Got a good deal on it through Craigslist, and later added the Dell 24" monitor as well. DAW applications include Garage Band, which I use most frequently because of its ease of use, Logic Express, Reason and Riffworks. Input is primarily provided via USB 2.0 by a Pod HD desktop "bean" which I've found to be very versatile for guitar, bass and mic'ed vocals. I recently got a Fender G-DEC3 Thirty which I've been having fu
  6. I played a Strat exclusively for many years, mainly because it was the only decent guitar I had. When I started adding Gibson style guitars to my collection, it took a while to get used to the different neck shapes. Now I can switch back and forth with little trouble. I wouldn't sell my Strat or Tele over a Les Paul or SG, simply because they all have their unique sounds and like tools in a toolbox, their own specific uses.
  7. If it's true that the man who dies with the most toys wins, Les Paul is definitely a WINNER! Julien's Live Auction - Les Paul Estate Some unbelievable things for sale, much of it has musically historical significance.
  8. My new (2011) LP Special doublecut is the same way, VERY tight grip on the plug. I've had this happen before, and rather than adjust the jack I've found that they loosen up over time.
  9. Changing the stop bar to relieve a little weight is OK. Personally, I don't believe the choice of stop bar material affects your tone one way or another because the coupling of vibration between strings and body is at the bridge. IMHO, mellowing out your tone should start with the electronics. Before changing anything, try experimenting with the tone knobs, you'll be surprised at how much they can affect your sound. Good luck!
  10. Glenn, if the lock is rotating in the strap hole, you need to crank the nut down really tight. Position the lock properly in the strap, stick a large standard screwdriver blade into the "U" shaped receptacle (To hold the lock in position), and crank the nut down tight with a socket wrench. Use loctite if you want to, but if it's tightened enough you won't need it. Be sure to periodically check both the nut and the pin attached to the guitar for rotation. If the pin keeps loosening, remove the pin & screw, dip small toothpick slivers in wood glue (not a lot, just enough to get them wet) an
  11. I use Schallers on most of my guitars. For guitars where the front strap peg is down at the neck joint (SG, 335), I use Marvels, because otherwise the Schaller knob pokes my gut. On guitars that are too light for mounting strap lock hardware (Epi Casino, Danelectro 63, J. Turser "Beatle" bass), I use the rubber washers from the hardware store. Yeah, I need to have at least three different strap setups, but it's worth it. Besides, I can never have TOO many straps!
  12. If you're looking at the Line 6 Pods, I would recommend one of the newer HD units. The modeling is a leap ahead of the previous Pods. Since you wish to rackmount it, The HD Pro is the way to go. Last year I bought a used HD desktop "bean" from Craigslist and I'm very impressed by how much better it sounds over my XT Live. All the ins & outs I need are built in for recording to my computer. This year I invested in a footswitch board for more versatility. I jam regularly with a fairly large group that includes keyboard, bass a few singers and lately, two drummers! I have used the rig pictur
  13. New Guitar Day! Just got me one from MF.
  14. I recorded this last weekend, but not with a Gibson. There were, however, a few Gibsons in the room sympathetically vibrating. I Don't Want to Grow Up
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