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  1. Well folks, I bought this little sweetheart ! It's in near perfect condition, plays and sounds heavenly, and as a bonus, it came with the factory case ! Mel
  2. There are several online sites that specialize in pickguards. They offer both modern and vintage styles in your choice of material. I'm thinking of just leaving it bare, since I'm not a hard strummer.
  3. I bought a J45 last summer. While overall I've been satisfied with it, it always sounded muted. It never seemed to develop the volume that my other Epiphones have. I've always suspected that the culprit was the pickguard. No only did it cover about 25% of the body, it was very thick. I put off removing it on the premise that the factory knew what it was doing. It was only after watching a YouTube review that also speculated that the pickguard was restricting the sound that I decided that it had to go. Out came the hair dryer and off came the guard. The difference was incredible, as th
  4. I've had both the Epi and the Morgan Monroe, and enjoyed both of them. The MM has a modified V neck that is hands down the most comfortable neck that I have ever played, plus the burst finish was excellent. It sounded a little more tight (boxy) than the Epi, but had great tone and sustain. I just recently sold it to calm some GAS that I had. Plus, it comes with a cool fake alligator case ! Mel
  5. Too bad that you don't live on the left coast. I have a 220S that I've been trying to sell. It has a natural finish and a JJB Transducer pickup in it. Mel
  6. Just picked up this IB1964 at Guitar Center for $120.00 off regular price. I was considering an AJ45ME, but I wasn't impressed with the YouTube video, and wanted to find one to play first. I ran across this fantastic deal and couldn't pass it up.Great sound and action, at less than half the cost.
  7. I suggest Morgan Monroe "Blues 32". Solid spruce top, beautiful sunburst, and great tone. These can be had online for between $ 300-$350, and includes an excellent hard case. It's not a vintage Gibson, but it's pretty dang nice.
  8. [. bubby, what feature indicate to you it is an old gibson? The pinched waist, as well as the oversized lower bout. Also, the bridge is narrower than what is usually found on a Harmony. It could be a Gibson inspired copy, but I don't think that it's a Harmony. I could be wrong. Mel
  9. It doesn't look like a Harmony. The small Harmony models invariably had a tailpiece. It looks like an old Gibson to me.
  10. Get a JJB Electronics piezo setup for $50.00 online. Drill out the end-pin hole and super glue the piezos per instructions. Mel
  11. I'd go with a K & K Pure Western Mini. Delivers genuine acoustic tone, easy to install. Mel
  12. I've had a couple of Epiphones with the E on the pickguard, but I heated 'em up and removed them. I think a stick on is butt ugly. IMO. Mel
  13. There's one on FleaBay right now. Mel:-"
  14. I recently sold a 94 blond. It was my "Holy Grail" , but I couldn't get used to the wide neck. Beautiful tone. Mel
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