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  1. Very cool indeed, I use the tascam trainer in my truck too, I carry a LesPaul jr. with me. I figure if something happened to it it wouldn't be to much of a loss.
  2. Anyone on the forum played or own the new Viola Bass. I'm considering buying one,. This would be my first bass.
  3. Thanks where do you live N.W. of my Home Town.?
  4. http://s955.photobucket.com/albums/ae39/copperhead_2010/project%20upgrade/ maybe just I think I've done it.
  5. For some reason I cannot post my pics as promised. Over all the upgrades are moving along, I was sent the wrong tuners,and my dial pointers didn't come with my order either, the supplier is going to make it right. I have changed all the hardware to nickle. The tone pro metric bridge and stop bar were a perfect fit..Just changing the pots and pups have made this a totally different guitar.
  6. Most of my upgrade parts have arrived. The Bcs guitars vintage LP wire harness kit is outstanding, Bourns linear taper volume pots,bourns audio tone pots, switchcraft switch and jack, vitamin T caps,with enough shielded wire to do the job. I made one mistake I pulled the switch plate off the body, to enlarge the hole for the new switch, it wasn't necessary. Anyone have an idea what type of glue is used? The back of the plate feels sticky and on the body. I was thinking maybe rubber cement? Pictures are coming I promise. Thanks Bob.
  7. I saw two Rivoli's at a guitar show this past Sunday. One of them was a sixties it had a 2k price tag. the other one was $750 both were cherry finish.
  8. Alright guy's I've installed my new pups. I'm ready to purchase my pots, switch, jack. I'm going to replace the nut and tuners as well. Guitar electronics sells a ready cut tusq nut for Epiphones, I've done the measurements,looks like a winner. I was thinking OMG I shouldn't be doing that. They have the Grover Deluxe tuners this was going to be my choice for new tuners. Guitar Electronics sells a bridge that fits import gits they claim it's kick azz improvement over the factory bridge, tone-pro- tune-o-matic The wire kit is going to be from BCS, with the linear volume pots. Im planning to go with the fifties wiring. I want these upgrades to be good ones,I don't want to have to spend money twice. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks Bob.
  9. Where did you find the tuners? Part number? Thanks,Bob
  10. The p-ups are here,can't wait till my pots,and other assorted goodies arrive. I gutted the ol girl last night,couple of the washers for the pots had to have some assistance to be removed from the top. Looked like they were put on when the poly was still tacky. Now that I'll be changing out the Jack and toggle, do I have to change the jack plate to imperial size? I know I can expand the toggle plate hole.
  11. Don't want to hog up Dans post, thanks for the input Willy. I'll be placing an order with him soon. I'm planing to go with the 50's independent volume. Dan good luck with your project, Bob.
  12. I have just purchased the very same SH 1 pups myself for my 08 LP Standard. Not trying upset the apple cart here, I found this site. jonseyblues.com. He offers DIY wiring kits for many different guitars.
  13. Pulled the trigger on a set of Seymour Duncan nickel 59 SH1B,SH1N, will be here sometime next week. Need to save up for the cts pots, caps,switchcraft toggle and jack.
  14. The person I bought them from, said try them they may be a tad better than what I have now, $25 wont break me, my guitar tech may even buy them from me. My plan was to upgrade the guitar with electronics and pups,this will be a learning process. I will be shopping for better pups. Thanks for every ones input.
  15. Thanks for the replies and the tips everyone. I guess I bought a set of $25 paperweights.
  16. Had the chance to purchase pups, the tag reads 57ch(G). They came out of an Korean Dot, would these be an improvement over the alnico pups I have in my LP standard. I only paid $25.00 for them.Thanks Bob.
  17. I would not even be interested in buying that. My thinking is it looks fake to me too and this scammer should be exposed.
  18. It threw up a Big Red Flag for me!
  19. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/msg/2784149228.html
  20. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/ Brian my mistake, This link will take you Cleveland craigs list. I can't get the ad link to work? It's under musical instruments A used BC30 with with footswitch, $325.
  21. In case your still lookin Brian, http://clevelandcraigslist.org/msg2498636725html I have my own bc 30w/footswitch thought maybe someone else might be interested.
  22. I want to thank everyone one for the support. I'am leaning towards Upgrading my standard plain top w/ new pups and switch and pots. Stay tuned!
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