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  1. BASSMAN!!! No seriously, Blues Jnr is a good fit no you describe your 'situation' (particularly if you can get a US made one). Light, versatile, good cleans, moddable, loud enough for small gigs and home use. Next up, Blues Deluxe but it's loud! There is a trick to getting the tone without having to make your eyes bleed though, and it's old school gtr knob control (you may as well use them after your electrics mods?). Tech 21 looks interesting. Never come across them before. Fender cache though?
  2. OD Pedal. Get a nice one though, something that does a tube overdrive. TS9 or Bad Monkey, something like that.
  3. Hi Russ, Re. Vomer's bridge advice. Bang on, but, word of caution before you go on a wild goose chase, not all Samick's have a shorter bridge. Take it off and measure it. If the spacing from centre of post to centre of post is 74mm you'll find alot of replacement choices on things like WD music or axesrus websites. If it's 71/2mm you have a job on as there isn't (to my knowledge) a gold replacement available anywhere (and only a couple of options for chrome). You may be better cleaning them up with t-cut or oven cleaner (off the guitar!). Noijj.
  4. Hi Joe, Peavey does a decent job but Fender is a better amp all round in basically every way from experience. Blues Deluxe out the current range is far better than the HRD, which can sound harsh (looks cool in tweed too wich can be shellac coated if you want to do a quick cosmetic mod). The gain channel on the HRD is not subtle like the BD. Next step up is the Blues Deville which is basically the same but with a 4 x 10" which again is a classic arrangement for blues. With the new gen. Fenders there are limitless speaker and tube mods that can help. For example, I have a little SCXD for the living room which is a cheap all tube with dsp voicing and effects built in. Chinese made with **** tubes and crappy speaker as stock but you can tell there is something in there trying to get out (a bit like a stock Sheraton!). I changed these for top end quality and now it's marvelous. The 15 watts can go very loud with plenty of headroom on the clean channel and the voicings are true on all but the 2 high gain ones (which I would never go to anyway!). It even has a Fender Jazzman voice for your JP and an acoustasonic voice. The Tweed Bassman, Blackface and Champ settings are almost flawless with creamy tube breakup perfect for blues. As for the effects, they are subtle and well voiced. 3 reverb settings, 3 delay settings (including a great slapback which is great for country blues), 3 tremelo settings, chorus and vibrotone. I have 3 other amps. Vox AC30 and Fender Twin (both ridiculously loud and heavy but delicious!) and a new Deluxe VM which I think is a future classic and again, more refined than the HRD (and lighter to carry to practice and gigs). For out and out cleans the Princeton Reverb is awesome but a step up in price. On the used market there is even more choice though they tend to hold their value high in Europe (but for good reason). Even the solid states have amazingly detailed cleans and are great value (like the 90's deluxe amps). It's pretty hard to go wrong really. The real ultimate for you (and I know what ends you've gone to with tone detail on your guitars so you're right to marry the right amp) is a Fender Bassman. Expensive, particularly a classic, but every Krona well spent, simply breathtaking. You only have to look at the players and albums that have used them to know you're onto a lifetime winner.
  5. For home use the vibro champ is a good little amp. Look at speaker mods (8" choices must be limited though) on forums and perhaps change the tubes too and try a cab. I have the superchamp xd for a little home amp. It's 15 watts 10" all tube with dsp voicing and effects stages. Basically the bigger brother of the vibro champ. Fender produced a winner here (check out forums on the net for their undoubted popularity) but with speaker upgrade and better tubes it's simply brilliant for everything from home use to rehearsals, jams and small gigs but not medium to large gigs.
  6. You have a point Joe. There is a clear quality difference in the electrics which has to make some tonal difference or at the very least a reliability difference in the long run. I may as well do the whole bang shoot. The ready made harness looks good though. Has to be easier. I'll research Mojo etc. My P90's arrived this morning so here I go again!!
  7. Easy. The Samick Sheraton's have a serial number starting with S. If you put the serial number into www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx then it will tell you where it was made and when. Very useful. The Chinese ones begin with EE or they have no letter prefix at all. These are the poorer quality. Good used one? Well, I'm a lefty and they really hold their price, plus I'm in the UK so even more a premium (sorry, didn't notice where you're from?). I guess for a right handed one with a case, about 300-350 british pounds? Maybe less if you're in the States, like 400-500 bucks?
  8. Yes, do it! You'll not look back. Forget the new Chinese ones. Anything from Samick, Unsung, Saen or Matsumoko factories will be fine. Watch the bridge size on some Samick's though, they can have a 72mm post to post spacing which is a ***** to find a replacement for. 74mm and you've got alot of options. If you manage to find an EBG (Epiphone by Gibson written on the headstock) you'll be in vaulted company it appears! Electrics and pickups are the most poular upgrades. Although they sound great as stock for alot of owners, you can really bring the spec up really high with these changes. What you can do depends on the styles you play. Remeber, these were played by John Lee Hooker and are now played by Vampire Weekend and Kings of Leon so are very versatile guitars! As the last post says, pull up a chair, matchstick your eyes open and get reading for the font of knowledge! Pay particular attention to Twang posts, he was a great source for 2 full Sheraton mods I've undertaken (2000 Samick blond and 2007 Unsung VSB). If you need to know anything specific, please holler back and we will help all we can. Bon chance! Noijj
  9. Good shout. I'd have one if they made a lefty! (don't get me started!). Much smaller than a 335 size/shape though by the look of it?
  10. Hey Dazzler, I would tend to agree with Joe, but, I think you can change the switch without doing the whole lot if you want, as it's the closest part to the f-hole and you may not have to pull it all out to fix it. Switchcraft switch. Les Paul straight style, as they are listed as. It's what Gibson use anyway but a Gibson part will cost you more! Go figure? Joe, did you get a real improvmement in tone from the new harness? What I mean is, you know I did the same thing recently and I'm chuffed, but I changed the pickups at the same time so have no idea exactly how much the electrics enhanced the sound with/without the pickups (if that makes sense). I'm trying to get away with it on my new project because the pots feel and sound good. I'm a big 'Don't fix what ain't broken' advocate! Noijj
  11. I've heard, like Joe, on this forum and others that the GFS Mean 90's are a very authentic P90 sound and they are so good value you almost afford to bin them if you hate them. Something you can't do with alot of other brands! That's not to say they are 'cheapo', just amazing value. Some of the others are 'P90 voiced' so they have P90 characteristics but take it somewhere else too. There it's totally down to your ears and noone elses. I hear good reviews on the Kent Armstrongs too (Twang on here has them and raves about them), so that's what I've ordered (in cream to look like soapbars). I think it's a good idea to mix. I went with 12 pole PAF (bridge) and Filtertron in the neck from Kent Armstrong in my blonde Sherry. Very different sounding and a great blend/range of tones but they look identical. If you went humbucker/P90, you would have a slight cosmetic issue (6 poles to the rear of one PUP and 6 in the centre of the other. Very minor, but...).
  12. Couldn't agree more. Casino's and Sorrento's look cool and sound fab but I've never heard of or seen anyone who plays in a guitar band live that doesn't have this issue. Particularly on smallish stages with loud backlines. This is not nice, controllable undertow feedback you can move around to cut, or that cool P90 rawness that buzzes a bit with cycle hum. No, it sounds like a whale being murdered - a very loud, totally unmusical, horriffic squeal. A noise that just isn't supposed to be there live. Lounder than the drums even. Your band will hate you! Solution - find a casino with a sound block. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure they did make some? Or, stuff it with foam which will help (trial and error to get enough to stop the squeal but not too much to lose all the tone), Or, buy a Sheraton or Dot. They have the solid block so you get the semi acoustic vibe plus no squeal. If it's the P90 sound you like then change the humbuckers to something like GFS Mean or Dream 90's, Kent Armstrong P90's or similar. They are P90's in humbucker cases and drop right in there. Voila, a semi that won't hamper you on stage. They even come in blonde and sunburst. I'm just in the process of converting a VS Sheraton to P90's, so will let you know how it works out. Should be ready in about a week in time for our next gig.
  13. Hi, You should be able to pick up a sheraton 2 of Korean origin used for a good price and they are better built and finished than the new chinese ones, with much better woods for the natural and vintage sunbust/tabacco burst finishes. As far as I'm aware any serial numbers begining with S, SN, or U will be from Korean factories and all should have the 5 piece neck as identified by the picture strumbone posted (unless you are interested in a black or white one which you may not be able to see?). Simply get the serial number from the one you're interested in and enter it into www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx and it will tell you where and when your Epi was made. Nigel.
  14. I know what you mean, they can be very versatile and playable guitars as they are. In fact, the build quality and finish of body and neck is so good on those Korean Sheratons that with the right upgrades you can effectively go very close to Gibson at a fraction of the cost. That was the appeal for me. I now have 2 Korean Sheratons, the blonde with filtertron neck/PAF bridge (gives a gretsch/guild sort of sound) and a a sunburst I'm currently putting P90's in. Same starting point, different directions. Both really fun to play without a. spending too much dough and b. getting so paranoid about damaging an expensive guitar you hardly ever play it! The electrics are fiddly to replace but if your mate is up for it there are good instructions on you tube for working through the f-holes that you need to pay attention too before you try! Other than that and little patience you'll be fine. You've clearly looked at all the forums on the subject of Sheraton Mods. so you know what can be acheived. Don't forget to check back once you've done it and let us know how you got on. If you find you need the WD part for the 71mm spaced bridge, I have one for sale, unused, you can have for a tenner. A mistake I made by assuming I needed it before measuring the one coming off (duh!).
  15. Can't wait to see the strat Rocky project. Good on you for wanting to get stuck into a luthier-style project. Who knows where it may take you? As for the Casino idea I would recommend building a space ship in your back yard and flying to the moon. You'll find it easier and have better results! (only jesting!).
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